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quality of life update for berzerk

By -Echidna-#3432 - MEMBER - September 12, 2021, 12:39:03

can we have an option or something to toggle hp to be lower than 50% outside and before starting battle? we can fight mobs or something to lower it i know but its very tedious, especially for lower level builds. just standing around for couple second can regen your hp way higher than 50% and its pretty annoying having to start the fight with more than 50% as a zerk character even more so when it happens in between dungeon rooms.

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Would be neat if we had an universal passive (like Medic and Carnage) that gave us some bit of Berzerker mastery and started the fight at 49% health.

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that's actually pretty nice

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I suggested adding food (and recipes) to the game a while back that lower your hp but it was never paid any attention. It really is terrible trying to play a berserk character and healing between rooms. If you're running with multiple people you can say "/suicide" in the chat and it will kill you but then you have to waste resources or time removing de-darm and healing your heroes as well b/c they'll also lose all their hp.

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