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is need a new trade and recruitment channel ban system?

By mafelein#7803 - MEMBER - July 25, 2021, 20:48:27
well is this rushu server international? , then i guess we all most keep the same conditions for an international server .
i suggest new ban system for not using english in trade and recruitment channel , why ? because is international server  and that had been respected in the past servers Nox OR Remmington used english as a international server language .

i can add something also that is happening and is that latin american players are using some spanish slang to confuse mods  and sell kamas via something called nequi  and direct kamas selling via facebook.

is Ankama  who must solve this situation  after a server merge and stop the reason why many international players stop playing ... if is international then the language  in channels must be respected.

thanks .

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there were different people on Remington, but everyone respected each other and spoke English. what is now happening on the international server can be described in one word - chaos. Iroko made  bans in the global chat, but he cannot be in the game 24/7.
I agree that the international server means English in global chats. 
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Hello mafelein#7803,

I would like to clarify something about the term International and the appalling misunderstanding amongst many that international means only English.

Let me bring your attention towards Expanded Graded Intergenerational Disruption Scale (EGIDS)  and according to the standards quoting them.

"There are 6 international languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. "

Rubilax being the International server allows the use of English, French, Spanish & Portuguese on the public channels, since we have community moderation for the languages mentioned and considerably large in game communities who are part of it.

To the notion that we should ban every non-English-speaking player who use the chat from that game, considering that the game has a large community of players whose first, second or third language is not English, It would be discriminatory in nature.

Being international also means to be open and welcoming towards other communities, cultures and languages.

On the note about players trying to circumvent or confuse mods,
I would kindly ask anyone who might come across such occurrences to report them to the Moderators, Community Managers or to Support.
We will take necessary actions regarding such situations as they come up.

Thank you ^^
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thank you for your fast respond .

...still ... what the players of Remington and Nox  feel (i can speak in general because i already do your job asking more than 40 players  ) ..the common feel is of an invasion of the elbor community ... 

that EGIDS was working on Remmington and Nox servers back then and still the community  used regulary the english language as a common language and the server was stable and polite compared to this community chaos that im agree with nectum .

well i guess as always we just have to adapt , but i dont have to do moderators job or developers job,  so why a forum that all players that demand some changes are just silence or ban ?.... well Iroko i thank you again for the reply  but this still not solve what its comming in the next months, if ankama dont moderate such issues , is not need a big logic to see that rushu will become new elbor server ..... even in remminton my ex-server were spanish , french , russians , english  languages and nobody  really nobody left game feeling invaded by english speaking on trade and recruitment channel spanish is a 90% main language .... o yes i maybe misinformed  after asked 20 players form remminton and 20 from nox  ye maybe im just making some crazy baseless  statements .... you guys have the graphs , lets see whats next .


feels that spanish community is being discriminatory ...
PD: sorry for my bad english and if maybe i sound a bit rude is not the intention im just hurt many good players now prefer not to play because this kind of issue
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rather than a ban sistem, i would suggest a rework on the Wakfu chat, for years its way too simple if compared to the Dofus chat, 

i think i can understand the OP, i used to play on PT/BR server Efrim, which was mostly Brazilians and Portuguese people, same language (aaaaaalmost, okay) way easier for some people,

but things in the Rubilax trade/recruitment channel is like Nectum said, very chaotic to get by,
to be honest (and i'm not bragging when i say that) i'm fluent in portuguese/english and i can get around easily with spanish, but dealing with some specific items name can be tiresome (mostly because the wakfu encyclopedia is kinda hard to get by, but thats a complaint for another tread),

i think that a specific channel for each language would be very useful for everyone, something like /recrutimentEN /TradeEN /TradeES /tradePT etc. pensive
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that should solve the problem and maybe if one grabs an item to the channel auto translate the item description too messy , im agree on this may solve the issues and ease the communty perception on grouping with people of same community that one is willing to join and know .
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While I get these chats can be confusing, isn't the language in Trade and Recruit chat pretty easy to get by? Trade chat is always "WTS" or "WTB", if not simply remember buy = comprar and sell = vender as well as Daily = Diaria (both spanish and portuguese) followed by the name of the dungeon/boss which and in most cases, either "busco grupo" (search group) or the 3/6 indicating how many players are in the group, if its in a language you don't speak, google it, it will show you which boss or dungeon it is on Google Images.

Point is, Players from all over the world already use a semi-universal language on Recruit and Trade chat so you can keep up with their intentions, anything else is irrelevant!
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In Dofus, chats are divided by language. Each community has its own prefix (RU, FR, EN, SP, etc).
But in Wakfu chats are general for all  languages.
Iroko, I assure you that the Russian-speaking community is no less large than the ones you designated. this information is available to your company in which you work. Dofus has even been translated into Russian for a while with a Russian server - Nigrust. 
You call Russian an international language but do not allow the use of the Cyrillic alphabet in game. Don't you think that this is discrimination against the Russian language, which you call international?
The Russians even finished the translation of the game, but I don't use it since it's a modification of the game files.
I cannot afford to speak Russian and have always spoken English using translators. Why can't other people use English at least when they write to the global chat or to strangers?
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He clearly mentioned that the allowed languages have moderation as the criteria for being allowed on public channels.

About the Russian part, Wakfu team has acknowledged about its existence and their view on it on the beta server not too long ago. (Positive remarks)

I don't think the game natively support Russian, Arabic, Chinese scripts and like he mentioned no moderation is likely viable for the same. A game not natively supporting a certain script/symbols and such is not discrimination, don't throw the word around loosely.

Considering the reaction people are showing towards other communities and existing supported languages, I would rather say 4 is more than enough, imo.

-- I can see that you don't understand what native support means.
Since you went around trying to explain what I just said.

It not being included in the game natively or originally is the whole reason behind why the concept of the ru mod existing. (To add that support which the game does not Natively/Originally have.) and now with that context you can read it once again to make sense of what I said.
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How come some communities were forced in the past years to use english language due that the game miss the other 5 separated international server channels when remington  merged with dathura and pheris ex-servers?

why is so problematic to :1-make 5 more channels of chat if is an international server? or-2 set some rules in trade and recruitment channel about INTEGRATE all using one language as english ?

you all have to understand this is far from a basless statement  and ankam have the graphs to check this out , this post was made to find out a reasonable posibilty an how to fix this problem that the server is having right now .... im aware the moderators have been doing a great job banning some users that use bad language across the dominat languages that are spanish (70-80%), portuguese (15-10%),english (15-10%) aprox.

please dont try use this problem "smoothly" is happening is not integrating communities theres more people isolated or that prefer not to play because of this .
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totally agree with you
it would be great if users can customize and choose the language channel that suits them.
trade FR/EN/PT/ES
and  recruitment FR/EN/PT/ES
each person will be able to choose which language to use in order to sell or find a group. For example, I do not understand what a person wants to sell or buy when they write not in English. so I just turn on trade EN and recruitment EN
A small modification for the chats of the international server will not hurt anyone, because no one will force you to speak English. in Dofus it is possible to set up global chats and communicate there using your native language.
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Very simple fix here (at least for trade chat):

Allow linking items in chat even if one doesn't have said item

I'd assume it wouldn't take as much effort on said developers since the system is already there, allows auto translation of the name so people stop whining about whatever the item is being sold or wanting to be bought because they don't understand the language. Win-win! No need to split the trade chat. Splitting the trade chat doesn't make sense anyway, you're supposed to cast a big net to haul potential customers. WTB/WTS/Compro/Vendo, only gotta learn those and a couple others and congratulations, you have enough reading comprehension for the trade chat we have right now.

Recruitment chat is a different issue, and I'd agree that splitting them is more convenient. I personally don't want to group with a member that I'd be expecting to be company for a couple hours or so that I'd have language barrier issues with.
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