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Mimibic of relics aura or aura as a cosmetic

By AbissalColorss#8103 - MEMBER - July 24, 2021, 18:26:56

I think on wakfu We can have an option to choose an aura of our relic to use for pure cosmetic,i think add more option to costumize and to heat the economy of relics.

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I mean curently it is an indication f how strong a player is (if he has an aura of a lvl 200 relic, you probably sholdn't try to PK him), but you can override those with the aura potions you can buy from battlefields, so I don't see a problem with it.

Maybe being able to craft relic aura potions out of relics?

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The most top tier type of item a player can achieve in wakfu is a relic item. for any player at any level to be able to just buy an aura kind of waters down the prestige or status of these items. I don't think having cosmetic auras is a good idea, especially because it is a good indication of what level a player is or how hard it is to get an item.

A  level 215 player that worked to get to where they are and get the item they worked for months or years to get VS a level 25 player that just bought an aura skin at the shop. I would understand the suggestion if you meant a player can pick an aura for a relic item they have in the same level. like if I was a level 200 player and I had brakmar sword aura but I didn't like the red color so I want to get the bonta sword aura. but even that would cause problems.

Even amongst auras at the same level like level 200, there are some relics that are a lot of work to get still vs other relics at the same level. why should a player that didnt put in as much work get the same aura? Its way more work and material to craft an Eternal sword vs brakmar sword why would they be allowed to get the same aura?

But what I think would be a great idea would be cosmetic additions 

  • its hard on end game players when the level cap increases. All the items they worked on getting and scrolling, sharding, unlocking slots, to finalize gear is hard. if the games direction is to keep setting players back it can be hurtful to the progression they made
    •  but I think if we do omega levels with new auras, or additions to auras (you have an aura already but it adds a little more to the player, for example it would be like a little dragon pet that floats beside you, or maybe electricity added on top of your aura I dont know exactly) , runs, auras for pets, new mounts, name bar cosmetics that they can earn.

But yeah I think because relics are the most top tier items in wakfu, i dont think it should be something  anyone can just buy or reskin. auras are like the ultimate status symbol of power and strength, dedication and hard work. I dont think that should be something anyone can just buy at a shop. but maybe you can buy more cosmetic additions in shop like wings or cute little orb pet or dragon pet that floats and follows you around.
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