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Mirror Ability idea

By Granthese#6501 - MEMBER - July 19, 2021, 00:35:26

Just a random idea, but for future class revamps and all (or even a new class in the future), how interesting would it be for a class with certain linear attacks to summon a "mirror" that can curve this attack 90º in any direction to increase it's reach or even work as an AoE like Huppermage 1.0 with the Moonbeam and Wisp?

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Would like those to be map obstacles rather than class summons. We've only ever had totems on the edges of the map (Raskaw) or summoned by boss (Wild Gobball, Kannibal, etc) or floor traps, but not a lot of other interactable map obstacles. Even Krosmaster Arena at least has kamas you can pick up on the map and crates you can stand on (I forgot if it boosts range like the Cat Tree).

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So like a huper portal, but doesn't need a pair?

Sould interesting, imo could be a good boss mechanic, boss that summons mirrors

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