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Challenges, or How to Bang your Head Against The Dungeon for 3 Hours and a Half

By sevenbowmeows#2404 - MEMBER - July 01, 2021, 00:18:39
All right, I'll preface this by saying that by no means am I a knowledgeable Wakfu player. Most of my time playing Wakfu has been spent either figuring out the mechanics, getting beat by them, or making use of them fashionably late in the game. However, I feel it's only right to put this out there because this game is great. Not perfect, not 100% polished, but it is nonetheless the most fun MMORPG I've played.

I'll get straight to the point: They're rough, coarse and they get everywhere.

They're also a chore, frustrating and don't really reward you for your effort.

I'm sure plenty of us have been in a situation where a whole dungeon run falls apart because the challenges make the battle a carnival of cartwheeling 'round the boss and making sure you dispatch of them in a certain order. And, I said earlier, they don't reward your effort. Heck, the newly-implemented pacts have eased the grinding, with the only drawback being that someone might take my loot away if I lose in the PvP.

I propose Challenges be chosen prior to the battle, so that the party can properly plan for it instead of scrambling to carefully prick the enemies until the underleveled player can gently slap their last hitpoint away. Imagine, if you will, the following:

You and your party arrive at the dungeon. The positioning phase starts, and instead of just choosing where you'll start, you get to vote for one of four challenges. The two most voted become part of the fight, and you go your merry way unto the next fight.
If we were to leave it at that, one could argue "But then wouldn't players just vote for the easiest challenges?" True, true, but what if we were to have a system that categorizes challenges based on their difficulty? Or replace the current challenges with harder challenges? Since we're able to choose and prepare for challenges, then it should follow that the challenges are, well, challenging! Or have challenges based on the dungeon and/or the boss!

Actually, expanding on the dungeon/boss exclusive challenge, what if instead/complimenting the Dungeon Achievements the exclusive challenge held special cosmetics and gear?
Or how about we have solo challenges? As in, you and your party get a team challenge and a solo challenge exclusive for each player? It'd be tricky to coordinate, because if two players got 'Kill that enemy last/first'  then it would become a circus, but if properly done (I have no idea of how to code, so yeah, I'll just leave it at 'properly done') then it would cut down on team frustration and give players the option to help each other out in pursuit of their individual goals.

I don't know, I'm putting ideas out because I believe Wakfu deserves good mechanics that push the player out of their comfort zone. I'd also complain about the Prospecting system as a whole but I'm not well informed on it and I'd rather not put anything here that would backfire on me like an oil fire in a pan.

Anywho, kudos to y'all, hope you have a great day/night and have fun!

P.S. Don't throw water into an oil fire.

Also also, extremely sorry if this is badly formatted or such! If you have any corrections, suggestions, etc. just write 'em down and I'll edit the post if need be. See ya!

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I actually like the idea.

Most of times whenever the "forbidden element/healing restriction/let the low level player of the team kill the enemy" challenges come up they just feel like a handicap for the team rather than a REAL challenge, many players decide to miss these because they are either tedious or just not worth the time they take to complete.

Challenges aren't totally random, if you got an Air Damage Dealer in your team you'll most likely get the challenge to not use the Air element, sames goes for the heals forbiden challenge if you got a healer class. Personally, I think these kind of challenges screw up the exp without any real reason or depth behind it. On the other hand challenges such as "finish the enemies in Level order/finish a certain enemy first/focus on an enemy" are fun because it makes the player aware of situation, the enemy, the field, the distance and creates strategies around the task.

That being said, having the option to pick the Challenge(s) at the start of a Dungeon would make you think about which ones you want to deal with before hand according to your team's capabilities to make the run successful, maybe even accomodate Initiative points in a certain way. Maybe picking the Nomad Challenge at the Delnyl dungeon is going to be easy to complete in rooms 1 - 3 but gets harder at the Boss with all the instakill glyphs and the increased size of the map. It would be a strategic mechanic, instead of getting your exp/drop getting randomly screw'd by an unfortunate task that's a direct counter for your team.

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Not to mention the challenges got some "plotholes".
  • The "No heal" challenge doesn't count summon healers, which for a Masqueraider is pretty laughable.
  • The "kill all enemies with Distance" challenge count ONE cell between target and enemy as "distance" despite the melee mastery taking one more cell into account between player and enemy.
  • Yet the backstab challenge count a summon killing the enemy as "player damage" so if the summon backstab but the summoner is on another direction, challenge fails.
  • And lets not get into the "all players must kill one enemy" challenge, thats a deeper rabbit hole.

That aside, I also believe we need NEW challenges. Things like "kill the enemy with specific elements" or "spend X amount of MP/AP per turn" or even "don't exceed X amount of damage" could shake things up a bit.
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