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Old System Revamp + QoL

By PhoenixFly#1068 - MEMBER - June 20, 2021, 01:44:28

 Some thoughts about certain systems that aren't working very well right now or improvements to already existing ones.

  • Almanax: It's buffs lasting 2h plus how forgetful they can be aren't that attractive to use. Apart from the Drop bonus , everything else is just a "meh" for players with max lv both on professions and char lvl.I'd like a similar one to dofus , where it makes certain dungeons or zones more interesting for a whole day , making players interact with each other for example.Also gaining 1 token per day is really slow for those who want the mount/costume. It should be revised asap since it's a really cool idea that has been left behind.
  • Ogrest: It's croupier items have always been kinda useless in term of stats compared to any other gear of the same quality. Plus it's no longer an end-game boss since more lvl's are gonna get added with time. Maybe let anyone above lv200 enter it and change it's difficulty according to the higher player lvl (such as rifts,higher lvl's means higher stasis).
  • Pets and mounts(equippables): It's lvling system and stats are falling behind plus we do lack a lot of stats combinations. On the other hand new players can't get access to +50% movement speed d.turkeys unless they have been lvling heroes to acces the moowolf one. Since shop doesn't sell mounts no more,Only skins.
  • Haven-Bags auto-plant still makes the char collide with placed items on the garden gems.Stopping them from continuing the interaction.
  • Useless/Not needed Subs: Let us recycle them like we can recycle other gear. A sub from a lv156 dungeon when recycled should give the same shards as an item from the same lvl on the same rarity of the sub. Ex: Item lv200 L gives 300 shards , then a Legendary Cica would give the same amount.
  • A search filter for Inventory or haven-chest
  • Let us open haven-bags one next to the other, certain areas are already so crowded that we need to move to another zone just to acess our chests.Or let us acess this chests from the inventory it's self if we're outside a dungeon or so.Something similar as the old account-wide Chest.
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Also almoken rewards and being able to hammer pets

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cody5#2705|2021-06-20 14:39:29
Also almoken rewards and being able to hammer pets

No. Bringing that crap from Dofus is a sure recipe to send many players away in disgust.

Almoken rewards could use some new stuff, however.
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About Almanax.

I almost never visit that Temple. For a turn-based game,  giving a real-time timer to the combat buffs is kind of counterproductive if you ask me, 2h is just too short in this game and whether or not you make the most of the extra drop/exp really depends a lot on other players, if they know the mechanic of a dungeon, if they are geared, if the party can complete a battle fast, and so on. I'm not against said bonuses, but maybe I would be more interested in visiting the Temple if they lasted for X amount of battles or turns.

About the Tokens, it doesn't really matter if the rewards aren't improved in my opinion, it direct improvement would be giving the weapons from the machine a Souvenir upgrade so it would be worth to obtain them.

About Pets and Mounts

Honestly, I've always disliked the idea of giving them stats.

It'd be cool (and would make more sense) if by feeding a Mount we could increase it's speed, this way both Dragoturkeys and the Boowolf mount would be in equal conditions and feeding your mount would be a more interesting concept that could help you a lot as you progress in your adventure. 
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