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Yet Another Thought...

By Downhome#7515 - MEMBER - June 17, 2021, 05:30:54

Yes, it's that annoying Ougi yet again. I think there's a potential for Kabrok's Shop that's going unused. It would be a good spot to add inks, Easter Eggs, or even shortcuts to other locations (as in the link between the dungeon in out haven world and the Gobball Dungeon) within the shop. As it stands, it only had one use, being starting you on a quest. It just seems a shop could have potential for multiple insertions.

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There'sa ton of locations from the anime that don't even start a quest, so there's a lot of potential everywhere

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Also, considering the timeline of Wakfu, both series and game, would be fun to someday have Oropo as NPC or bossfight. We already met many of the important characters from that storyline, the Ecaflip demigod and Kali, and all players would LOVE to absolutely trash Toxine.

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Actually the game's location on the timeline was frozen a couple of patches ago, so we will never reach the anime, but would be nice to meet their past selves

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