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3 x 3 Team

By Bluhen#6777 - MEMBER - June 15, 2021, 02:58:28

(Even though I used the Search Bar first, sorry if a similar thread has already been created).

Hi everyone!

This is an idea that I've seen requested many times inside different threads but I haven't seen a formal suggestion on the matter.

I'd like to suggest an improvement to the Hero System, allowing you to have your own team of 6 composed of 3 Heroes and 3 Sidekicks (hence 3x3)

This change to the BP would enhance the value of the Sidekicks and make it possible to have your own full team. I'm sure many would want to adquire this wonderful characters to take on different challenges and, who knows, surprise the Community with their achievements on different dungeons wink.

Thanks for reading!


Suggestion: More Hero Slots
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Although it could be a fun idea, it sorta defeats the purpose of Wakfu being a TEAM-based game. This concept will only push elitist players into just building a full team with their sidekicks (possibly a meta consisting of Drop Knight, Hipolyre and Lumino/Krozmoglob for a team of two strong Damage Dealers and a Tank) and excluding players who can't afford VIP or to level up sidekicks, leaving those stranded as the strongest players who, by moral obligation, should be helping lesse players into enjoying the game to its fullest.

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Heroes are far stronger than Sidekicks, teaming up with other players will always give you a better chance to win battles and, specially, clear High Stasis dungeons. A Masqueraider provides a far better support than a Drop Knight, an Enutrof has a more versatile resistance debuff than Protoflex, a Sacrier can take harder hits than Trank, a Iop is a far better DD than Shadow. It is always better to team up with others and that's fact and the possibility to have your own 3x3 team (which also requires payment so not everyone will do it, same as now) won't change that. If I'm going to try a S40 run on an end-game dungeon, I would gladly swap my Lumino for a dedicated Healing class such as a Sadida, I don't think many players would do otherwise.

Yeah, 2 Supports and 1 DD is a strong combo but, doesn't that happen already? It isn't weird to see Sadida's lowering the enemy's resistance so the Iop can delete it on the next turn, neither to see a Pandawa grouping up enemies so the Ougi erase them all at once. Having Sidekicks, in a certain way, is already a downgrade considering how variated the classes' arsenal are. I don't think an Elitist player would pick a SK over a Hero and chances are those elitist players already have a secondary account with 3 more characters and an active subscription. That's what they do.

This idea wouldn't remove or impact the Multiplayer/Social aspect of the game. I'd totally recommend looking for other players if you need help, but for those who just have different time schedules, don't like to socialize, preffer to advance at their own pace (which would be harder), preffer to go alone, can't find a stable group or just like using Sidekicks I think this idea would be great.

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Yeah but even with the existing 3 hero/SK limit, you only need 1 more player with heroes for a group, which is basically a minimum for a multiplayer game imo.

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You could but as you can see this isn't exactly a multiplayer suggestion, it is more oriented to solo-play to help you to progress in scenarios where you get stucked due to different reasons, or just to have a little help to progress at your own pace.

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