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Huge Market/Character Building Improvement

By DannyGround#4131 - MEMBER - June 09, 2021, 15:34:29

 In the current market state you have to search items by their names or sort them out by type of armor/weapon, making Building your character stats hard when you're an inexperienced player or don't know the name of the item you need, which forces you to look up every item on the board to watch their stats.
A better way to search for items you need would be by Stats. If you allow the player to search by stats, ex; Control Points, and then sort them from highest to lowest, it would make it a hundred times more effective and less time consuming.

Another thing that would benefit the character building process is the reinstate of the green and red indicators on an item to see if they are better than the one we have equiped. I don't know why they took this out of the game but it was a huge benefit.


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Also a rarity filter, finding a good relic is a pain

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