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By Vestigo#7285 - MEMBER - May 28, 2021, 13:12:57

Daidalon from support kindly instructed and recommended to possibly start a thread like this so personnel in charge of the store stuff can see what customers wish to be included in the store.
Remember a time when players mentioned tiny Sinistro, years later, it came to fruition, Tinystro.
Archaologist Costumes took years to become available to players.
Might and would benefit both players as well as company so decided to try it out.
Any old emotes, costumes, Makabra gear, titles you want back, new pet or mount skins based of known mobs or graphic assets already in the game you want included in the store, write them here if you wish.

Will start with Clockmaker costume, was limited only for getting a regionally locked limited edition DVD box set for anime, are there more than 30 going around?

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Good idea! 

Personally, I've always wanted to see more traditional items at the Shop that could be used with Mimisymbics to give more personality and identity to our characters. It doesn't have to be something excessive and, from what I've seen on the forums and in-game, the simple costumes that have been released lately (like the Dimensional Voyager) have had a good reception from the community.

Now, I know that one of the improvements done to the Shop was the removal of individual items because they weren't generating a good income, but I think it was mostly due to the low variety of items there were available and how hard they were to combine with the items in the game unless you wore the whole set. 

So, according to that, how about if the Shop had a wider variety of Accesories?

Hats: Berets, caps, ribbons, glasses (with different color frames), horns for a darker appearence, masks (maybe covid masks to rise awareness (?) other mmorpgs have implemented it too), eye effects (I think it would be EPIC to see a Iop with glowing red eyes). It could also be fun things like a literal animal resting on your head like a meowbow or a tiny sleeping tofu.

Chest: Instead of actual battle breastplates I'd like to see something different. We know that Amulets aren't shown by default and it seems to be difficult to do so. SO, how about creating items for the chest that looked like amulets? I'd love to wear that Dragopig beaded necklace on my sacrier to give it a monk/buddhist appearence, or it could be something as simple as a Scarf which always goes well on any outfit. Instead of designing battle chests, make them look like neck accesories, a roundabaout way to display necklaces.

Cape: The game as a wide variety of these, so instead of suggesting new designs I'd liek to see more variety of items like: Backpacks, bags, wings, tails, a big Scroll, a monkey hanging on my back, a big Claymore/katana, things like that. Stuff outside a Cape.

Shoulder: Hmmm, I don't think there is too much to say here, so I'll just throw a fun idea that I got. I'd love to see a parrot resting on the shoulder of my Pirate Rogue, instead of a conventional shoulderpads make it look like a bird, or and angel&demon on each side or a tiny whisperer commaning you in battle, it could be fun to see.

About how to sell them, I'm thinking they could be implemented as either Themed Packs/Seasonal Packs or just direct purchase from the store.

In this case, the Shop wouldn't be selling costume pieces as before but instead would be selling accesories that re-inforced the player's identity that could be mixed with their current appearence. Sometimes you just need the riiiiiight piece to complete an outfit.
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In no special order:

  • Emotes like the howling to the moon one, that only came with packs and can't be seen anywhere now. Also, some other limited-time emotes.
  • Ornamental equipment for mimisymbics. There are many items at the encyclo that don't appear anywhere. The Toad (OK, mushroom) hat is an example. Having some way to get the discontinued grey items (old items) would be welcome too. Like those old Aracnoshima epaulettes. Or the cloudy set, infernal set, celestial sets, woddent set, etc.
  • A way to trade the Conversion stones in-site would be welcome too. Since the implementation of the launcher, and some recent patches/updates, older operative systems seem to be unable to open the store in-game, thus denying the option to trade those from other players who put them for sale. Coordinating it with the site somehow would be an open door.
  • Possibilities for new pets and/or pet skins: piwis, mini-lenalds, any toad or frog, that "cute" mini-shark, the piglet, mini-strich, the mini-boowerewolf (dat hypercaffeinated puppy)...
  • Tip once again: no linked stuff. For safety it might be an option, but if they want them for selling to others, having them being linked is missing a good chance to increase the sales. Race items are a classic, same for finishers.
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Appreciate You taking time to write these cushty suggestions.

Since store as with most companies in similar business is taking a more fair approach of offering only aesthetic and convenience items, affirmed by taking out mounts and pets and switching them with skins, as well as Haven Worlds being obtainable by all guilds with the revamp, they could even offer some personalization building skins already integrated in the game for them, from nations and dimensions, spooky Forfut ones, Shuu,...

Pockets for Haven bag that resemble and mimic territories, Moon, Wabbit, wouldn't need much work since it's all mostly coded in.

Gradual integration of all possible costumes existing, as they promised, for more diversity and less ludicrous monetization of limited ones.

Syclick mount skin since it's fairly similar to Tofu mount, Stasified Tornado mount skin, Angry Do costume from Xel Present Hunters guild, feel free to continue with some suggestions...

Also am wondering how they'll adopt now with the acquisition of the pets that can't be obtained since introduction of skins, will they be tied to a % drop rate fighting similar mob family or from dungeons related to the theme of the pet or a specialized quest. Quest would be possibly more entertaining but more work to implement as well.
They did mention they'll incorporate a way to get them all through the game. Something like getting a Milimoowolf or YeCh'Ti'Wawa worked.
Would be dope to get a small Crobak through fighting crows in Kelba, Minor Shuhu in Reef, Pandawa cub from Pandalucia, Gobgob in Osa dim, Mini-Lenalds from Wabbit Island as TheRogueCat mentioned,...

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Oh, right, that too. Deco for Haven Worlds and Haven Bags.

  • That old Jiva statue.
  • The old character classes statues from the old Incarnam.
  • Bookcases that fit the theme of the bag (a branch, frozen or chocolate bookcase doesn't fit that well into a stone hall at an academy. The wooden sticks from Moon barely fit, but are the closest thing to a good-looking one).
  • Some shiny stuff, like piles of Kamas, chests with treasures and jewelry... you know, the classic adventurers' paperweights. A golden version of that blimp rat statue from Monks Island dungeon would be an amazing deco.
  • Modular table-like objects that can be placed one next to the other. The Haven World tavern has a place for placing some kind of barman counter, but not many objects fit there for making it (the Bobby Dick fishbowl has a table that could be used for that role).
  • More walls. Back then we had more variety in the craftable wabbit walls, but many of them were removed. Same for some craftable deco from farmer and such.
More to come...
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I'd like to see a new some new Boowolf mount skins. For me, personally, a Milkar/Moowolf skin. wub

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I'd really like a Hoodlum Mage costume, costumes for the Hoodlum Assassins are available but not the Mage.

I like to keep my inventory clean, a way to lock an important item/stack to prevent accidental shattering would be nice. 

If I think of anything else I'll edit this or add a new comment.

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