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By Cwtsh#8355 - MEMBER - May 13, 2021, 13:51:07

Why does Wakfu not have any set bonuses ?

Way back in the day when I used to play Dofus the main reason I'd level up and kill things was to work towards sets and items that specifically worked with the build I was running.

In Wakfu there's none of that, I believe there's only the Gobball set that gives a simple +1ap, all the items in the game are so bland and uninteresting that I simply have no drive or interest to grind away at monsters, hoping they'd drop this item or that, I have no reason to run any dungeons or level up at all.
My main is a lvl 108 Eni and she's still running with a lvl 50 hat cause I have yet to find anything of interest.

Not to mention all items now have random elemental stats so there's nothing specific at all to work towards at all.

For example in Dofus the Gelano ring I think it was called, it was the first ring you could get back in the day that gave you a clean +1ap, without any drawbacks, when I first played Dofus years ago and leveling up I saw that ring I was drooling, I worked so hard to get the kamas and level needed to buy and equip it and when I finally did I was so happy, it changed everything.

Since Wakfu has none of this I personally find it so hard to get into.
I want to love Wakfu, I played it way back in Beta and I want to love it SO BADLY, I keep coming back and giving it a try over and over again, hoping to stay but I just get bored and stop after a week or less every single time.
I love the art style, I love the turn based combat, I love the classes and the community is great, there's so much I love about it but the game itself though is just so.. unrewarding.

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In my view Set bonuses are a rather limiting aspect, It does not encourage players to explore options and mix match gears and to explore what they can have. And it does not scale well with the game as level and difficulty increases as it goes on as well, and gearing is one of the main time consuming and heavily investment required part of the game too.

Now rather than a combination of gears giving you benefits the same can be obtained through with the use of sublimations as well, which can be considered a tab above the same items gives me this stats. which enables you to obtain the benefits in fight rather than being a straight up bonus for wearing a very limited combination of gears (with likely generic stats), as it can be put onto any piece of gear you have.

Also in case you are not familiar with the element part on the gears, most of them allows you to change the random allocated masteries using 'transmutations' obtained after dungeon boss fights and through craft.

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Many of the early low level sets do in fact have set bonuses. But once you reach endgame the gear is much harder to get, and it is much harder to get gear with the right rune slot colors and order. So you often end up wearing mismatched gear. I have some characters wearing gear in a few slots that is 20 or 30 levels lower simply because I got perfect rune slots on that gear and haven't been able to find better gear yet because of the power of those rune slots on the older gear.

In this game a signifiant amount of your power comes from rune slots and sublimations. The gear has a lot of depth to it. As a piece of equipment grows in rarity and gets ideal rune slot colors and order for sublimations a "perfect" piece of equipment can be triple the power of the base piece of equipment that it started out as.

So it is just a different way of thinking about gear. Rather than putting together a "set" to get the bonuses what you do is you roll and reroll the gear until you get a "perfect" piece of gear, and each piece of gear is independent. You don't have to use a specific combination of gear. Each slot is independent and you can invest time and money and shards into each gear slot to make each piece of gear hugely powerful.


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