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Enchantment system-Single rolling on sockets

By LonelyPanther#9971 - MEMBER - May 13, 2021, 02:45:59

Ok ok, hear me out. Don’t you ever wish we could get a 5th option in the enchantment table labeled “single”, “single color”, or whatever Ankama chooses as to rolling a single socket from your current sockets? Let’s say you have that persistent blue socket on your 4 socket weapon or whatever, and you want to roll Your 1 blue 3 reds to be 4 reds and so on. What if we ask Ankama so update the enchantment table to roll out single sockets for their color?.....I mean I’d not know about you guys but I don’t want to roll my gear 10....20....or even 40 times like those perfectionists who want perfect rolls by spending millions of kama on 1 gear. What do you think?

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100% agree. This system gets too expensive on high levels to get good gear. IMO the entire rune system could be slightly revamped to either give the shards cost a flat discount or some better colour synergy. And of course, your idea of a single roll.

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Now that they announced that sublimation scrolls will have rarity in an upcoming patch I hope that they can use that to revamp the sublimation system a bit. Imagine this:

- Common sublimation: no socket requirements, can be put on any piece of gear
- Rare sublimation: requires one socket of a specific color
- Mythical sublimation: requires two sockets of specific color and specific order
- Legendary sublimation: requires three sockets of specific color and specific order

This way the sublimation system is easier to get into for players that don't have the time to grind, while still having a lot of depth for people who do want to grind for a long time.

I do also support your idea of "reroll a specific rune slot" but to be balanced it should probably have a shard cost based on the level of the item, or some other mechanic which is balanced such that low level players can use it easily while higher level players still have to do some work to get "perfect" gear.

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