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Marriage and interactions

By Artergint#3759 - MEMBER - May 07, 2021, 11:52:01

So, I think that wakfu game is pretty amazing, but I found myself thinking that there would be two options that I surely will love to see in game: marriage with other players (even for the same gender) and various interactions with objects. I don't need to explain the marriage thing, so I'll go for my second suggestion: I would absolutely love if I could interact with more objects in the world and not do it only for quests. I mean it even for the haven bag... I just want too much to interact with the bed XD

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What would getting married even do? Seems like a pointless addition if it doesn't do anything, just joing a guild.

As for interactions, yeah sure

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I mean, other games allow marriage because it's something the community likes, but it doesn't always have anything extra added to it. Sometimes people just want to marry a crush or S/O in a game.


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