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Mining and Fishing rework

By ChikaFujiwara#4433 - MEMBER - May 05, 2021, 00:38:01

Hello Wakfu community, 

As I was leveling my professions I noticed how Miner and Fisherman professions are  disproportionally harder to level then Lumberjack, Farmer, Herbalist and Trapper.

For example the planting based professions, Herbalist and Farmer can be leveled in one place , the planting, which gives XP, can be queued and the harvesting can give XP up to two times.

Lumberjack is not so different then Farmer and Herbalist, the only difference being that nodes for the trees are further apart.

In the Trapper profession the monster resources can be harvested twice from the live monster, and one more time from the dead monster, with the third harvest giving 4 times more XP than the first two. The dead monsters are also pretty common to come by in the more active regions, making leveling this profession trivial.

Now for the Miner profession, the nodes are far apart one from another, the queuing is nonexistent, some ores are placed in mines without ecosystems, and as such, ecosystem bonuses and the veins giving a single harvest is also a large downside.

And lastly, the bane of my existence, the[/i]Fisherman[i] profession. It suffers from the same problems as the Miner profession the only difference being that the ecosystem bonuses are available at the fishing spots and, correct me if I am wrong but the rare crops from Fishing only give twice the XP the regular drops give. 

One more problem from which the Fisherman and Miner professions suffer is running into other players. Even though other professions are also leveled in open places the chance of fighting over resources are slim. In the Mining and Fishing, racing over to the next spot is pretty common. 

As for my suggestions:
- The easiest fix would be increasing the XP gains from harvests.
- Another way which could make more sense is giving the nodes more than one harvests and making new sprites for remaining number of resources.
- Other one could be adding more nodes, reducing the node respawn time etc.

Once again correct me if I am wrong about something that I mentioned but this doesn't seem balanced.

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I do like the stacking node idea, similarly to how you can take multiple saplings from trees

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Tossing some random ideas for this:

  • Keeping the mining and fishing nodes active for being harvested all the time, but each one holding a list of recent users which can't double-harvest from that one again until X minutes have passed (the usual spawn rate time). The node can remain in the same place, but be displayed locally in a different way for those users that already "harvested" it (like having the alpha channel at 50% or something). Meanwhile other non-listed players can harvest it even if other users have already done that in that moment. (Maybe this could also be applied to getting seeds and cuttings, if a revamp ever happens.)
  • Adjusting a common pattern for mining and fishing nodes, rather than keeping that currently half-assed one. Mining nodes spawn a rare at 1% base chance, give x10 EXP. Fishing nodes spawn a rare at 10% chance, give x2 EXP. If I recall it well, this was a quick fix in times of [Dy7] for the recipes that required more rare fishes. But right now it barely makes any sense to keep it like that. If it appears at an 1/N chance, it should give xN the EXP gain. Some refining here would be handy.
  • Increasing the rare spawn rate from 1% to 5% or 10%. Honestly, the main problem for getting the rare resources is the awfully low chance. It's not a major problem for crops and trees (yet it would be welcome there too), but those that can only be harvested out there are a major kick to the nodes. It gets worse if there is competence waiting there for grabbing them as soon as they spawn. Even if the recipes requirements of rare minerals are increased too, it would be much faster and likely to get them at a 10% chance, rather than at a 1% one. (Then add that you get buffed on tool, ring and harvesting drugs for getting more +harvest%, and you end getting just 1 unit after harvesting it.) This is currently one of the most annoying and tedious parts of Wakfu about professions and crafts.
  • Changing the chance to spawn a rare for a chance to harvest a rare. Just like what happens with the chefishes, it would be a better way to prevent the harvests from being "stolen" by the oportunist bystanders. It would slightly hinder the hoarding and harvesting of rare resources in the haven bag, but would affect possitively to those that spend large amounts of time harvesting for them without having to get in the usual bad moon when they lose them to someone else doing nothing around. You harvest a resource, the roll decides if it's a normal one, a rare one, or that chefish in case of fishing nodes.
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Mining and Fishing are due some QoL improvements, changes to reduce toxicity that can be generated between players while farming special ressources and make both professions enjoyable.

Stacking ressources is a good idea and, in my opinion, one of the best considering that Ankama has this kind of systems implemented in the game, this can be appreciated when you are gathering ressources from plants and trees and the node goes through different stages until it is depleted. This would also increase the amount of ressources available in the area without having to necessarily add more rocks to the map.

Another benefit of giving nodes "charges" is that it would be easier and let competitive to farm special ressources and you would have more chances of obtaining one according to how many charges has the node. It would be a cool improvement overall that many players would appreciate for sure

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