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By oktopy#9224 - MEMBER - January 17, 2021, 17:04:09

1. Show as buff value of fury ouginak have right now. Other class mechanics are shown in the interface (like sacriers combo/iops power).
2. show eniripsa's unnatural remedies at least in different colors/icons (from the start of the fight). Sometimes it's really hard to get, are you under it or not.
3. rename one of this spells. seriously. why.

4. allow to decrease ini value in the interface. Let's imagine. I have 300 ini, but my friend only 100 and i want to let him go first. Why cant i decrease my ini to 99 (i still have 300, but i want use only 99 of it)?
5. combat stats after a fight. Total damage/healing/armor get/armor given. Its a strategic mmo. Values are important.
6. in-game replays? just asked. I mean, almost all information you need to show a fight already are in logs.
7. possibility to split combat logs from other kind of logs (maybe a new chat)
8. visually show if rune will be moved or not for firedamp for enu.
9. possibility to inspect people (look at gear/stats). I dont know why it is not implemented in the game. Especially when you can check people's gear because of tons of visual bugs which hide your costume.
10. hotkeys to split items (like in drag&drop) for trade menu. Now you can only double click to give full stack or drag and drop to input value you want to give. 
11. english item names under *your_language* item names and english links in chat. International server, remember?

gameplay (most of it is about PvP):
1. huge rescale for everything. This game was not built around "new enchantment system". There are a lot of each stats everywhere: look at damage from bombs with excess, look at brutality dog damage, look at one turn kill masks, at 90% resists feca on lvl 110
some classes just can one turn kill others. another classes are unkillable for some others.
but the problem is not in class mechanics, it is in huge amount of stats people got
On higher levels all become fine, but low levels everything is broken.
2. stop using constant values on spells giving armor. This situation allow to classes with armor generation become unkillable in some cases. I believe you should pick 1 of it: to have great resists and take low damage or generate a lot of armor, but be hited hard
3. just do something with sublimations. Especially on low levels. For example, devastate give a different "value" on lvl 80 and lvl 200. But its available on both levels. Also other sublimations like evasion II, influence II, ambush I, ambush II. Also melee/range barriers are much stronger on low levels, then on high (because of average amount of damage per hit). 
Basically i prefer to disable enchantings in pvp (because of that problem), but i do not believe that will happened. This problem here mostly to discuss.
4. fix interaction between spells with resists decreasing (screenshots)
I believe they should all reduce resists, but in limit of 200. If 1 debuff disappear, another one should keep working.
5. fix destab disappearing mechanic. When target who stab you died, both stab and destab will disappear. so, you can be stabed once again. I can understand why stab state disappear, but is it work as it should?
6. rogues and excess. The only class who get insane value from this sublimation. On my mind, excess should be removed from the game and rogues should give such passive (but only 50% d.i. on max charge), or excess should work only on 1st exploded bomb (like it work for other classes, only 1 spell)
7. more class mechanics should be available as class basics. Let me explain on examples.
Cra and sharpening. That is almost the only way to regen wakfu for that class.
Osa and osamodas's blessing (damage for control)
I mean, some passives you pick just because they are "must have". That's bad game design. Passives should give you opportunity to play class in different ways, not just play class.
9. About summons. masks need a spell to consume their own clone. dogs need a spell to summon closer ther little doggy (maybe with tracking somehow). Also there is a problem with sadida's doll, which become unplayable if your opponent have enough damage to kill bomb in 1 turns (too much stats, remember?). but dolls are the class core, not like other summons. And to do something with rogue's bombs, because it is possible to collect enough hp for rogue to make them unkillable (thanks healings, new enchantment system, etc etc).
10. masks also need a spell "unwear mask". or another way to get WP under mask.
11. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING WITH SADIDAS, who pick "control" spell to stall time on a battlefield. and with other time stallers. that is just sad.
12. new area in eca where pvp bonuses will work? only i thoguth about something like that? Sometimes people need to test their build, maybe with friends. But bonuses are work only on BF's, and you both should be in different nations.
13. PvP arenas and true ranked. pls. And finally make a fun-mode from BF's
14. split PvP from politics.
15. anyone ever thought, that there should be no speed bonus in PvP? just another thing to discuss.
16. possibility to control random map generation on PvP. As well as cra will win more often on huge maps, iop will win more often on small maps. Probably we need some interface to ban kinds of map generation
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Here we go again, lots of down votes but not a single counter idea. Totally agree on rogues and masqs and some other nice ideas. There is not much thing to do when a single fricking bomb deals 15k to your face and it doesnt matter if its pvp or pve. Masqs can remove -200 res even on lvl 80 als. People were frustrated that fecas can do lots of stuff (debuff, greak tank, armor, give fd ap etc.) what are masqs now ? Can -res, -wp, more than decent armor & heal, positioning & tp, fd,res,dmg buff, revive. If a class can do everything how can you balance stuff?

Not just pvp for also ALS leaderboards these newly reworked classes brings issues. People abuse these classes to get ranked in dungeons. I opened a thread for this but didnt get love as always. Every other class needs passive rework asap. Most of passives either gets powered up way too later in game or plain useless. Also more suggestions.

" 12. new area in eca where pvp bonuses will work? only i thought about something like that? Sometimes people need to test their build, maybe with friends. But bonuses are work only on BF's, and you both should be in different nations. "
This is really needed and can be done easily. Eca sits useless there waiting something to be done..

"16. possibility to control random map generation on PvP. As well as cra will win more often on huge maps, iop will win more often on small maps. Probably we need some interface to ban kinds of map generation "
Also agree, maps consistency is needed at least on Bfs. I sometimes get huge map where it literally takes 2 turn to reach each other on 1v1. And small as heck map where spawn places literally near each other when doin 3v3s.

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All the dislikes are probably whales at low lvl PvP. I totally agree with your suggestions.

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*crack knuckles* Let's see:
1. There's literally a fury meter net to your HP
2, 3. True
4. There's food that decrease INI
5. Devs already said they won't because it wouldn't realy represent supports or positioners
6. Probably a lot of work for something a not a lot of people will care about
7. Never had problems with that, but ok
8. Well it only depends on the distance from other mines, but could be nice
9. I disagree, woud make PvP too simple imo
10. If you hold shift you can drag the whole stack (or you can invert it in the settings), splitting ti in half doesn't seem too useful
11. You can right click them to show the name in your language, but would be nice if it auto translated item links

1. well there is a passive rework comming that will probably adress this more or less
2. well there is the armour given/recieved stats to modify it, but yeah some of the values could be adjusted and maybe some of the armour removing spells could be buffed
3. Yeah all the level-scaling effects kinda suck at high levels, should probably be a lower vlaue multiplied by twice or thrice your level
4. Yeah that's a weird interaction, sounds like a bug
5. ???
6. I mean it's strong on all burst characters, but rogues are a bit of an extreme, idk what should really be done, maybe just make it weaker/not work on non-elemental spells?
7. As i said in b1, passive rework comming to fix that
9. ....what?
10. You have to plan around masks, the spell isn't there for a reason
11. True, honestly even without stalling the dolls need some kind of speed up
12. That would be nice and probably easy to make (BF room in eca)
13. The heck is true ranked?
14. I really hope they rework politics soon, but BF make sense for politics, non-political PvP is comming next patch anyway
15. Honestly, I disagree
16. I think it adds variety, as some favour certain builds

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I don't really agree with some of the suggestions but a few picked my attention

Initiative: I agree that there should be a way to modify this value. Maybe not so plain as you suggest because every Initiative point past 6 would become useless, since you can only have teams of 6 players, why would you want to get 200 Ini if you can set it to any value bewteen 1-6 and done. Maybe if Initiative (A.K.A Speed) was retroactive and the turns changed along the fight according to the players' and monsters' actions it could "fix" the issue where some monsters are literally unkillable if certain class/character don't start their turn on the right moment (e.g : before the boss, before the debuffer, etc) and reinforce the Strategy aspect of the game

Combat Stats: I actually suggested it once on the Discord Server but the reply from the Staff was that it could be a toxic indicator to discriminate players and classes. Personally, I think it wouldn't really be an issue, many MMORPGs have it implemented and it can be a tool used to improve your own playstyle. Here's is something I made some time ago:

Debuffs: There should be 1 single state to indicate buff/debuffs respectively, displaying multiple icons that do the same can easily collapse the Info screen and make it difficult to tell what is going on in some cases. If I cast Sudden Chill and my Protoflex uses Salvo, then both resistance debuff should increase the level of the same state.

Sublimations: It'd be better if they had more value while leveling up your character and not just something that you have to use on your final gear or later in the game when you start doing ALS content.

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Combat Stats: This still wouldn't account for applied buffs, debuffs, resistance removal and positioning, which are equally important to damage, healing and armour.

Debuffs: While I agree it would be clearer if they got shown as 1 debuff, they still have to wear off at diferent turns in a round, so you would loose that information in a fused debuff state

Sublimations: That's why they are adding the sub rarity system next patch

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