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A Great idea for content and economy

By Mareinna - MEMBER - January 16, 2021, 01:06:18

I just had a thought and had to stop playing to post it.

All the houses and homes that are just there in each nation have no actual owners, it's just ambience, which is awesome don't get me wrong BUT!  What if each house was designed to be rented by the Governor? The price could be set individually and priced based off of it's attractiveness, location, etc.  And that money becomes a money sink in the game like taxes but the governor gets a cut of the cost which goes towards the nation.  Like actual market place, if everyone can afford a house then the prices can go up. And the cost is paid every week... Or month? and each house offers a bed which can be slept in for a "Well Rested" bonus of a certain amount for the day, something small of course. and other functionality that is something akin to the haven bag. You can lock or unlock your door and people can see who owns a house by mousing over the door.

The richest people can afford the best places but you're only allowed one place per account, NOT character. People could afford it for a while and may not be able to keep up the payments, or want to, where in, if you don't, it goes back to the governor to rent again and someone else can rent the space.

This offers something to try and work towards and will be the biggest sink for Kamas which should bring the economy inflation down as it balances out.

I'm down for brainstorming ideas as to what stuff having a house could do for you.

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Had this in Dofus, don't wanna see it in Wakfu. 

That's the entire point of Havenbags in the first place : to eliminate the need for players to fight over housing. 

Just tie this "rested" bonus to logging out in Havenbags. 

If players really wanna have a "personal" house, revamp Haven Worlds in order for Guilds to house a little village if they want, with private housing achieved by Guild officials handing out a little "permit" for someone to build a house in the Haven World. 

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Yea, but we HAVE haven bags and don't NEED the housing. It would be cool to have it and it can serve as a money sink for the game. I don't even care if it requires a booster to rent.

Who goes into them anyway? They are just a part of the background and make the world feel even more empty. Maybe we don't give them anything too special so that people don't feel like they Have to have one.

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