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Achievements rewards usable by all account characters

By virtualshade - MEMBER - January 15, 2021, 22:01:20

Quests to jump, climb, swim, ride mounts ect. Can those all be usable by every character on the account so that we don't have to redo those quests 6 times for every character. 

Same with meridian quests to get the mount. if I already spent 2 years collecting tokens and I got the mount why can't I use that mount on any of my characters?
It says my other characters didnt complete the meridian quests so I need to spend another 2 years for all of my characters to ride the mount?????

Please just make it so we just need to complete it once and we can use it for all characters.

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Technically yu can already achieve this to some extent with Heroes swapping.

It's obvious that this isn't going to be a thing because these artifacts are progression tools tied to the core questline Mount Zinit, which limits a lower level player from accessing the higher tiers of the area through the use of artifacts to get pass certain obstacles.

But the Almoken thing is a good point : I would like to gather up Almokens I have saved up account-wide. 

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Same for titles, if i got a title as a reward for crafting a relic or an out-of-game event, I don't want to have it stuck on one character

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