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Proposals to Multimen : Buffs to Blood passives.

By YasaiTsume - MEMBER - January 15, 2021, 14:44:55

Each Multiman has a unique Blood Passive which grants them bonus stats to their role for the number of allies in the group when a fight starts.

While a strong passive, I feel like there is room to squeeze in an additional "Conditional Passive" in order to make Multimen less one-dimensional. 

Here are the suggested changes. 

: Firefoux Blood 
- +% Healing Mastery, Healing Mastery per ally
- Additional effect : 
For each healing skill cast, gain a stack of Forced Hand
Forced Hand : Damage of Brilliant Explosion increased by 50% per level of Forced Hand. Max 3 Stacks.

Reason : Lumino while an extremely good healer, could use some exploration into damage capabilities in order to round him up to be a stronger SK.

Scaraleaf Blood
- +%CH, CH per Ally
- Additional effect : 
Hot Blooded :
Whenever Beezlebug spends WP, his next attack will inflict -100 Res on their target(s)
Whenver Beezlebug kills an enemy, regain 1 WP

Reason : Beezlebug already suffers from bad DPA, as well as a WP active which ONLY boosts range and is using WP, a non renewable resource. This will allow Beezlebug to provide some utility as well as a way to regenerate WP.

: Kralove Blood
- +% Ally Damage
- Additional effect : 
Tidal Force :
Gain 1 MP upon using WP
Casting Aqualacrity on an ally regains 1 WP

Reason : When I play Skale, I imagine a playing a dude which just swaggers around the battlefield giving buffs to allies, as is with his kit. This will allow Skale to achieve this sort of playstyle much easier, wadding around the battlefield giving AP, Range and Damage to allies that need it, and moving to the next ally. 

: Treechnid Blood
- +%HP, +%HP per Ally
- Additional effect : 
Deep Rooted : When Trank ends his turn, he converts each unused MP point into a stack of Barrier, blocking 25% of Caster's Level in damage.

Reason : While Trank shines when locking many enemies, when faced with locking a single boss, he can only use Roots twice on the boss to boost his Lock with, resulting in a bunch of MP unused. 
It would be great to allow Trank to "spend" his unused MP in this manner to increase his tanking potential when locking enemies. 

Darkness Blood : 
- +%Damage, +%Damage per Ally
- Additional effect : 
Foreshadowing :
When Shadow attacks, he gains +1 Lv. Dark Is Coming
When Shadow does not attack during the turn, loses half of Dark Is Coming
When Shadow has Lv. 10 Dark Is Coming, he gains Arrival of Darkness

Arrival of Darkness : 
- Regains 1 WP
- + 15% Damage
- 1 Turn 

Reason : While Shadow is already powerful as a Damage Dealing SK with Chromatic damage, he still lacks any real way to do much more than just be a "machine gun" when it reaches melee range and hits enemies.
This passive will allow him to regains WP, contributing to his onslaught of attacks, as well as rewards him with Damage bonus so he can do his job better.
On the flipside, if he is unable to attack, he is unable to use this passive. 

Crobak Blood :
- +%Air Mastery, +%Air Mastery per Ally
- Additional effect :
Wind Tunnel : 
When Krobax moves a target (Himself, Ally, Enemy), +1 Lv of Wind Tunnel
When Lv 10 Wind Tunnel : Regains 1 WP 

Reason : Krobax needs WP to teleport around. 2WP cost on Cyclone teleport is too much for a non renewable resource. This passive aims to give Krobax the WP generation he needs so he can stay mobile on the battlefield and contribute better with his positioning tools. 

Overview and Final thoughts : 
Most of the suggestions are meant to give some utility to Multimen which previously had little or no utility, and to give WP regen to some Multimen which desperately need it.
Some of these changes will also help these Multimen do their job/role much better than before, putting them on the same level as the newer generation of SKs.

Please give feedback below!


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