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More Environmental Interactivity

By Mareinna - MEMBER - January 07, 2021, 09:02:36

TL;DR Make food eatable at tables, sitting down, with friends, as meals for added bonus' to their boons. Also, Beers should get your drunk, handled with levels.

I Love Wakfu. I was around during the closed beta. Lost my computer and couldn't play for years and now that I'm back and seeing all the changes that was made in my absence, I love it.  I have always had, since the very beginning this idea:

Create reasons to actually use the environmental interactions, such as chairs at tables and benches.

Here's how you do it. Start with food items that give you extra stat increase, like elementary mastery, or whatever, and give them a new eating emote at tables. Sit at a table, THEN eat your food and the % Boost you get from the food is marginally increased.

Now, Since this is an MMO that encourages people to play together, make food able to be prepared as a "meal" and placed at the table with however many copies of the meal as "Servings" and then have everyone who is eating sit down and interact with the table to eat the meal. For each person sitting at the table, everyone gets an additional extra % on the effect of meal and everyone can only have one "Meal" effect at a time.  For this, you would have a progress bar just like any action and your presence at the table is counted as a bonus as long as you sit at the table.  Anyone can put food on the table for you to eat, as you are interacting with the table's "Meal" at that point.  This way, people could actually populate the mess halls and the taverns in the game and use the cooking professions to prepare food for you... Or any of the small little tables strewn about. 

This Simple Mechanic could not Only breath new life into the game but actually encourage people to interact more positively. And naturally, various tables around the world have different amount of chairs at them, which limits the total increase you could have. The biggest table in the game would see the most people gathering to join in to eat, which I see being in the Main Tavern.  And since everyone is together, people can chat.  If you're gonna park your butt and just hang out, why not have it actually help someone out?

Maybe add in a little XP gain for the chef's profession who served the food for every person other than them who sits down and eats their food, allowing players to actually play a roll of waiter/chef - serving up orders of particular types of food - If they, as the chef, have it. Maybe people do this as a service for Kamas... Who knows?  That way they they are incentivized to advertise that they are serving food.  And.. WHO doesn't like some extra stat boosts?  Getting ready for a big battle? Sit down and have a meal together before heading off to war.  It's perfect.  Make certain that the meal on the table only lasts for a little while AFTER everyone leaves the table... incase all the servings weren't eaten. That way it is a precious thing and someone can't spam all the tables with meals, defeating the gathering aspect of it.  The cook could sit down themselves after serving the table, as long as it had a serving on it for them.

Any way you can get People to interact with each other, the better, and this services a game purpose as well as a social one, plus we already have chairs that you can sit in at tables, but there is NO point to it and you never see anyone using them. We have Emotes that are playful between characters, Why not something meaningful like this?

Also, The BEERS can have an effect if served socially like this...  Like a Beer and a Soup added together to make a meal...  The Meal could require extra stuff to make which justifies it's extra boon at the table, as well as multiple copies of the food to make one meal, then a copy of each meal for each person you want to feed. But, simply eating your food while sitting down instead of on the go would give you a little extra... Again, making the world worth interacting with instead of only the limited amount of stuff when the world is SO INTERESTING.

(Quick note: Drinking beers should instill levels of "drunk" And require a progress bar as you drink the drink - along with an Emote for drinking! And at certain levels, the way you walk should change and your speed effected. You should have raised resistance but reduced damage. And it lasts for a good while, like food normally does. At the final level of drunk, you pass out and fall over, laying there "Sleeping" it off, and can't move for a little bit, like you are in jail, stuck.)

Everyone I've told about this idea, loves it. What about you?

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kinda cool idea. I'd like to drink beer at the tavern with friends or something lol while we chat lol. or even use the bed to sleep and nap to regen HP or something faster.

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I had some more thoughts I wanted to add. What if the elected government people got deeds to a house and could pick one of the myriad of different houses to make their own. It would act as an extra storage and whatever and allow you to sleep in your bed which gives you a "rested" effect for additional.. ex gain?  But you get to lock or unlock your door and the door shows your name.

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I remember player used to be able to emote while sitting down on chair like reading a book, clapping hands or waving hands etc. but for some reason those tiny details got remove ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I don't remember that being a thing.. I must have missed it.  It should come back, there's no reason for it to not be there.  The world could really use this interactivity so that we feel more a part of it, instead of it just being a backdrop. I believe it would add a lot to the game quality.

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This is a great idea! I hope this gets the attention it deserves. Anything that brings players together more is great in my book! As long as it doesn't hinder on those who wish to solo too much and acts as an extra boon like you have mentioned here. Using the beds for gaining HP Would be pretty sick, and sensible as well I really like that idea. 

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