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few problems

By Figim#8849 - MEMBER - December 21, 2020, 05:05:34

nothing more than my pesonal whining list

idk for how long i was playing wakfu but all this time team search function was absolutely useless, even merging servers didnt changed anything. 
as we know, to drop legendary, epic and relic gear one needs to do dungeons on stasis 21 or higher and that bothers me, there was times when mentioned gears could drop from any stasis level, even s1, so what are the reasons of moving them to s21+ except of making life of average players harder.

in recent update new, craftable, epic/relic sublimations was introduced so why not make all sublis craftable (whole process of ranking in dungeons, waiting for next month and praising rng to drop random subli is triggering)

i rly liked old whisper dung thing where you could skip monsters and go straigh to boss room, why not add it for every dungeon.

UB token gears, why even make them linked? ppl that run those dungeons already have decent gears
ppl that don't run em but want those gears - have no way to acquire what they want. ???

lite UB versions could be cool

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Agreed, allow me to add 2;

  • We need challenge rework asap, getting not doable challs in boss rooms all the time. Drop rates already joke and with impossible challs (like finish all mobs in one turn for boss room) its just..
  • IMO we need passive rework asap, why lock passives & actives till certain levels. Have them unlocked and fully powered so one can see its class better early and start building & playing better. I know newly revamped classes have no longer have this passive level problem. They still need to wait till a certain level to unlock them but at least not have to wait them getting powered up to be useful. In terms of balancing this causes problems for ALS content which you shove into our faces in every way possible.
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I totally agree. Especially with the dungeon rooms skip mechanics. A single s21+ dungeon takes over 1-2 hours for average player, it's fully inconvenient for busy people to get some goodies from dungeons. Or, let's say, you need an item that drops ONLY from dungeon boss. So in order to reach the boss room you need to spend another hour, this is simply devastating.

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