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Can the Markets get Merged?

By Jyllien - MEMBER - December 04, 2020, 11:39:57

The Kelba/Havenworld Marked and the Nation Markets are seperate.
Before the server merge one of them was always on the decline. Since the server merge the Nation Marked gained popularity so the Kelba Marked is slowly stagnating again. I was wondering if it is really nessecary to keep the Markets seperate since both Markets have already the 5% Tax no matter what.
There is no real difference in them besides the way you enter them. It might be ok to keep the Marked from Astrub that is for the New Players and the Marked for the higher levels seperate, but I think the Kelba/Havenworld Marked and the Nation Marked could get merged.
The many ways to sell stuff won't be really used like that, when in the end everyone just goes to the only active Marked. The Kelba Marked dies since everyone wants to be in the Marked where everyone else is, the Nation Marked.
I made this post to get opinions on it, after all it could just be me seeing it as a good idea, and I hope I get the question answered if it could be possible to merge the market of the nation and kelba.

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I completely agree with this. Combine Kelba + Nations, keep Astrub the same. Kelba is basically the forgotten Nations market at this point.

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While at first, I thought this was a bad idea, I gave this some thought.

I believe Kelba Market as a separate market is obsolete and has no place in the current game. Its purpose has not been relevant ever since territory control with battlefields became a feature of the game. Originally, Kelba could not be owned by the 4 Nations, and thus Kelba's niche was being a perpetual 5% tax, common market for members of all nations. This was also back when the 4 Nation Markets were separate. Kelba was the best way to avoid absurd taxation and travel to enemy territory for all members of all nations to share their goods.

It was a common neutral market. This is no longer the case. Now that Kelba can be controlled by one of the 4 Nations, and its taxes adjusted, it is no different than the markets it stood counter to back when it was implemented. What purpose does it serve now in our watered down, non-existent World PvP era? Anyone can go to any capital, and access that Nations Market from any of the 4 boards. The taxation on Kelba is arbitrary. The politics revamp is desperately needed as a great number of features in the game are vestiges of the 2012 model of the game, many of which haven't been relevant in half a decade.

Having given all of this thought, I see no reason why the Kelba Market should continue to exist. Its only benefit is being linked to Haven World market boards, but how is this a benefit when it's currently unused and product visibility is worse than on the Nations Market? If anything, the HW market board should be linked to the Nations Market. Currently there are 11,281 items being sold on Nations Market and only 2,975 items being sold on the Kelba Market.

I'm not above suggesting to the governor who owns Kelba at any given time to drive a nail into the coffin of the Kelba Market and raising the tax to a completely untenable level just as a troll governor once did to discourage people from ever using this market again.

EDIT: Now that I'm thinking about this remembering what happened with a certain Brakmarian Governor in the final days of Remington, this is yet another point against Kelba Market. Any Governor can at any time punish all members of the game by arbitrarily overtaxing Kelba, assuming Kelba is the primary market. Consider the contrary, the Nations Markets. Capitals can only ever be owned by its own Nation and cannot change hands. Even if the Bonta Governor puts a 70% tax on Bonta Capital, the entire population can just go to Sufokia, Brakmar, or Amakna's Capitals and be completely unaffected. The only way that the Nations Market could be exploited is if all 4 Governors conspired to overtax the Nations Market, and that will never happen. So yes, Kelba Market really has far too many points against it while providing only a single benefit, that being its link to HW marketboards. In all other ways, Kelba Market serves no purpose.

EDIT: As of this moment, December 11, 2020 @ 9:12am Server Time, Nations Market has 25,808 items, and Kelba Market has 2702 items. I also haven't seen anyone at Kelba all day. I think it's officially dead. Good riddance.

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