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When will we ever have Perceptors in wakfu?

By BatangPasaway - MEMBER - November 30, 2020, 11:52:30

This is the only thing that is actually missing in the game, perceptors.
It was huge back then and totally works in dofus and i don't see why this won't work in wakfu.
We are missing Guild vs Guild content and i've been waiting for this to be added for a very long time.

It makes sense putting a perceptors in the last room of dungeons or somewhere where it can collect material or legendary items. You guys already added prisms why not add in perceptors aswell?
This will only be good since battlefield is not fun for others. Hopefully you guys really add this in the future.


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I think the main issue is that perceptors in Dofus worked on a screen to screen basis. Wakfu doesn't have set screens like that so it would be harder to implement them.

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I think the contrabandits chest in the HW fulfiled the purpouse, but that function has been removed recently

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I hope never, go check how it looks on Dofus Touch, 90% perceptors controlled by one guild.

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Lol Perceptors in Dofus ain't all that great either for GvG.

It was nice for GvG at one point, then bam, Alliances became a thing :^) 

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Well I'd rather have Perceptors and have a Guild vs Guild content than none. It would definitely be better than battlefield. Plus it would be great for collecting materials and gears. 

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