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chat restrictions by level (to prevent scam bot )

By khidzui#9503 - MEMBER - November 19, 2020, 22:29:06

did ignore list have limit?
these days a lot of bots are spam in the chat but they only have lv 6 or less and in some places like the astrub area, ecaflipus, and in the temple. to prevent them we can use the restrictions available chat by level. maybe level 21 to be able to use chat channels such as trade, general and recruitment channels.


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Hello khidzui,

We are aware of the issue and are on active look out for them so that they won't cause annoyance to other players.

Thank you for the suggestion though. ^^


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now they are appear in  global chat.

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There used to be a level restriction on all chat, which was problematic. I see that was removed, but perhaps a level requirement of, say, 25 could be used for Trade and Recruitment chat? This way at least it's a significant time investment (1 to 2 hours without having a high level to boost them) each time one account gets banned and another has to be made. If the investment outweighs the potential profit of their service, then they'll stop marketing it.

On the note of making it not worth the investment for the goldsellers, I have another idea. Why not just filter every possible variation of the site (I won't post it here but you know the site name) in chat. That includes the M, the /\/\, the O, the 0, the K and the Kama symbol. Basically any combination that could be used to feasibly construct the site they're advertising to where it would require such deciphering that they're just not going to get any business, further making even bothering less appealing.

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