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Food to Reduce HP Suggestion

By Sqlot - MEMBER - November 18, 2020, 19:02:19

A little while ago some foods were added to the game to reduce initiative, I thought this was a great addition and it made the chef profession more useful and worthwhile to invest in as well as being a major quality of life improvement for optimizing initiative order. I think that it'd be a great addition to the game to have finer control of your character's health as well. Currently if you want to guarantee that your berserkers start with <50% hp you have to make sure that you've stated enough HP on your armor to reach a certain threshold, so when you take your armor off and put it back on before a fight you're below 50%. Or you have to start with and maintain the low amount of HP through rooms. While I do like the unique form of play that it brings it can be cumbersome to invest the amount of shards necessary to reach that goal. If you don't have the money to do it then keeping your zerk between rooms is your only option and sometimes your runs will just fail 2-3 rooms in due to stasis effects like ignition. Having food that can reduce your HP would be an amazing addition that I think a lot of people would enjoy having.

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Yep. I currently get < 50% by re-equipping everything but that's really lame. I don't see how this could be harmful to the game in any way. And, as pointed out, chef needs more incentives imo.

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type /suicide to chat and eat current food till %50

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I think that having to wait 1 - 3 turns to activate your berserker mastery is part of the balance. Similar to Rogues, Berserker builds start slow but later you hit very hard and those 1 - 3 turns of low damage is compensated on the following turns. It'd be a totally different scenario if you could willingly choose when to activate or not your BK mastery, it affects the speed of the battle, the difficulty, in PvP you could surely 0HKO some players on the first turn and such.

I'm not saying that I am against this idea (because as you guys have said, there are ways to keep the BK mastery activated at the start of every battle) but, wouldn't it get out of control in some scenarios? Maybe if the food capped your HP at 50% permanently for X battles it would be more interesting and make it easier for the healer to not heal over that %.

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I think the balance of berserk mastery is geared towards having to sustain being on the brink of death for you to make use of the increased damage. If your positioning is off or your support isn't on their A game with predicting who needs armor it's very easy to die in PvE while playing a berserk DD. I think food that caps your HP at 50% for the fight would be overpowered b/c part of the challenge of playing the two berserker classes that exist right now is maintaining your health percentage so that you don't lose momentum. Both sacriers and eliotropes have insane self healing abilities but actually using them in battle is a very heavy choice because you lose your ability to do damage until you get blitzed back down to <50%. Imagine playing against a sac and he heals off his marrow bone for 10k hp and then proceeds to run at you and still bursts 75% of your health away.

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