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Event Redemption Suggestion

By Downhome - MEMBER - October 26, 2020, 16:36:47

PLEASE, Ankama! Just give s one 'dump' button to redeem Al Hallows resources! I literally spent 245 minutes pushing button after button yesterday and it looks like it may be even longer today.  It's to the point I'll just let the items sit, unused, in the inventory side page, just to avoid dealing with the growing frustration.

It would be so much nicer is we could st push one button (even one for each type of resource) and have they immediately removed/transferred.

Granted this would put more competition for the monsters back in play faster, but possibly adding ore of those or shortening generation time on new ones might compensate! I just get annoyed at having playing time taken away in order to turn these collected items in.

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It has been suggested over the years, trade in with NPC with pile for simplify button. Yes, over some years already. 

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Here exactly.
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Would love to see this implemented.

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