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Ideas for Christmas Costumes

By VimoxTheShushu - MEMBER - October 25, 2020, 22:43:12

I was looking at my Ecaflip and thought how adorable he'd look in an sweater. And then my mind went UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS. Like that would be so great. There could be three different ones, a bowmeow, goball and tofu.
Head: Nothing, the characters hair is already cute. The helmets in the lastest costume are some of the reasons I don't buy it. Too much. (and if you have an ecaflip you can't see the cute ears)
Chest: The sweater
Pants: Sweatpants, when you wear an ugly sweater you are going for relaxation and being comfortable. 
Boots: Fuzzy snow boots. 

I think this will be a cute idea since most people will be spending the holidays indoors this year why not an outfit that embraces relaxing? It is a simple one I think people would enjoy.

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I have to admit that, after a couple of Christmas events, I have all the costumes and they're frankly boring. With the same things coming up again, I'll probably not even bother with the event this time around. some changes to costumes would be a welcome change.

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