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Extra Options to drop Ogrest's Tears

By ThatWyvernSage#8404 - MEMBER - October 24, 2020, 10:49:31

This occurred to me when I reached the level threshold of 186-200+ and while I was doing the quest "Direly Departed II".
I remember sometime ago while I was in the voice chat with other Wakfu players on a Discord server, I mentioned that after doing Ogrest's dungeon on Mount Zinit summit, his tears should be a drop (mind the pun) there since it would have made sense it's his dungeon after all. I was thinking that it would come in a batch of 10 or 20, and higher depending on a character's prospecting. 
On top of that, the Mount Zinit areas should be the only locations where the Ogrest's Tears environmental quest are much more common than any outside of them.
That way it would have been more accessible and affordable for less hardcore players.

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