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Can game devs show us how they would do pandala tomb and crabstacean dungeons on s41+ after the enu nerf?

By icryalot - MEMBER - September 28, 2020, 03:58:25

I think many of us would be eager to see how game devs would do in s41+ dungeons, particularly ghost pandas and crabstacean dungeon, after the enu nerf. The community often wonders if the game devs play this game at all, so this seems like a good occasion to both show the players that the devs are dedicated gamers themselves and that it's pretty easy to do well without 2 Debt casts and infinite Firedamp casts.

I think a few planned Twitch stream would be the best way to deliver this content.

Ideally, a few rules would apply, to ensure that the test appears reliable for most endgame players that are decently geared in order to do s41+:
- the devs will not consult pro players that already do s41+, nor will they be carried by them in the runs that they show us (this is ultimately not possible to prove, but we'd just trust the game devs' good conscience);
- the characters wouldn't have access to full WWWW gears, but only gears with 1 white socket max per item (there would be an obligation for the devs to show the players all of their characters' gear and stats before starting the dungeon);
- the devs would only be allowed to die 6 times in one run, then would have to restart the entire dungeon (this is only because most competitive dungeon runs would be rendered almost useless after more than 6 deaths in one run, because it would likely mean having 20+ extra turns in your record).

I hope this isn't taken as an offense but instead is the first of many challenging and engaging dungeon runs on the devs' side, and that it also sparks some constructive competition in the leaderboards. What do others think of this idea?

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I don't get why the hate, OP did highlight some important issues

1. Yes, I agree Enu nerf is justified, it's ability to -200 Resist and -MP on multiple target is broken to the point is became a must have in every single top leaderboard ranking Team Comp. We need more class diversity.

2. I also agree that Monsters beyond the initial first 4 Lv.200 dungeons are way too tanky, the amount of Health and Resist they have implies they're designed around the fact that every Team Comp is expected to be capable of -200 Resist on multiple targets. Calling the Resist & Health scaling exponential is an understatement.

3. Live Stream Devblog of Wakfu Developers playing the game we all love and enjoy, is genuinely a good move, if anything, it shows the Devs care about the Game & Community and determined to build a closer relationship. Again, as I've said several times before, building a relationship with your core players is what keep the game alive for years to come, just like RuneScape 2007 and World of Warcraft.

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I never tried the crab dung, so i have no idea how it works, but about panda tomb, the easiest way to balance it is just make mob's 300 resist trigger only after they get hit by 1% of there max hp or more, which makes enu able to reasonably resist rape them.
My guess about all this nerfs spree that the devs are doing is just to balance classes abit, everyone will be weak, then they will tune down every mob's resist/hp/damage in the end, like they did 3 years ago, it is dumb yes, tons of ppl left the game already, but yeah, they aren't giving a shit.

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i have got no idea how enu nerfed but i can say that if you cant beat it with enu ,look other heroes to beat this dungeon.brw whats the enu's speciality for this dungeon?
other hand ,if you need someone to watch how to beat pandala dungs in stasis 50, i can offer you follow airam in twitch who beats these dungeons with his 2 multi accounts.
if you will be aggresive me cause of my reply ,i can say you that where was your support when i have created many discussion about multi-accounts and game dungeon concepts for single players. meh no cry.

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The title imply you're mad or pissed. 
The game is designed around you thinking. Seeing dev's strats will only push upward one way of doing things wich I doubt they want to put in the spotlight.

I hate how the resistance system works. It should work multiplicativly and not additionnaly so 2 classes could remove resistances.

Removing resistances is so much a need that if you don't have a classe that do so, you're screwd. From 1 turning a mob to 2 turn is a huge difference. I'd rather classes that gives extra dmg taken to a mob instead of sharing a class mecanic so this way they could be balanced instead of giving a resistance removing cap.

Anyway, just quit the game if you're that pissed. I'm not even sure if its even possible in the beta with full broken stuff anyway. 

I think they try to balance the PVP and nerf some PVM aspect. Keep in my there's more than you thing to think when you have a classes. You don't want to remove the souplesses they have in term of deck building and roles you trying to put them in.

They already stated that the stasis system behond 31 was unworthy of doing for many reasons. They plan to add additional mecanics and nerf the ridiculous buff in term of hp they have. Taking more time to kill a mob is not funner.

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