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Photophobia and Migraines in Bilbizia

By micic - MEMBER - September 19, 2020, 20:16:20

I have frequent migraines and photophobia which is basically extreme sensitivity to flashing lights and bright colors. I've been trying to complete a quest in Bilbizia but the bright colors give me massive migraines after ten minutes and the Jellix dimension haves me in severe pain in a minute alone.

I can't continue in the game comfortably because of this. Tactical mode helps a little but not enough. At this point, I've been trying for almost a week and have spent hours in bed crying in pain with the curtains drawn and lights off. I desperately need Wakfu to make changes to the game if I am to continue. A simple grayscale option that kicks in when entering certain areas with bright colors would be amazingly helpful!

If you have ideas for how I can get this request to the creators I'd greatly appreciate it! I've tried ankama support but none of the options really fit the situation and I don't want that to be the reason I'm ignored. If you struggle with a similar condition I'd love to hear from you and I'm so sorry you're going through this too. Migraines are awful and can leave you stuck in bed for days.

For more information on photophobia and migraines check out this link:

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If you're on a windows 10, you can go to Ease of Access and then go to Color Filter and set the option to gray scale. 

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my dude I can't even edit screen brightness...

edit: did some more research and updated the computer and I still can't find brightness adjustment. it keeps saying "go here" then when I go it offers text size, colors, and a bunch of other stuff but never brightness

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this I was actually able to find!! thank you so much!

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