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Please remove Maximum AP & MP Cap Limit

By Reg3e - MEMBER - August 10, 2020, 05:33:55
"  Count Harebourg " - by Deviched

With the Introduction to New Enchantment Systems & Sublimations back in 1.64, highly optimized and specialized Builds has become much more prominent that it did before.

One should be given the freedom to 17AP/3MP build, or 10AP/9MP build whenever one chooses to.

As far as I know, there is no Maximum Cap for Range, Damage Inflicted, Heal Performed, Dodge, Lock, as well as any other Stats. I'm unsure about WP as I have not personally tested it. Last I remembered, it was capped at 10.

- Reg
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You can get like 11 WP and even more perhaps with Elio (because there are boots, belt, and rings that give WP)

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well removing cap limit might be a thing . but even without it would it realy matter . i mean as far as it goes even with gear the best u can get is 16 

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17 once you include Motivation passive. By removing these limits, it'll expand the possibilities and potentials of future Equipment & Passives. They can utilize the same design choices we're already seeing in current late game Equipment and Sublimations.

+1AP -75Resistance
+1MP -10%Damage Inflicted
+1AP -1WP -1MP
+1AP -1RA -1MP -20Damage Mastery

as well as
+1AP Accessory Slot with no other Stats (Ochre Dofus)
+1MP Accessory Slot with no other Stats (Vulbis Dofus)

+2MP -25%Damage Inflicted
+2MP -5Range
+1AP -3Range

It'll definitely expand the horizon when it comes to custom builds & variety, unique to that one player's playstyle. Of course, the Devs can always toy around with the balancing.

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Having more ways to build a character is always nice, I don't get why the downvotes.

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dat would be cool

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