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By hiseldisel - MEMBER - August 07, 2020, 21:55:52

When you walk around in Wakfu, you see all these great assets used to decorate the world. You then go to handyman or look at the homepage (sidenote here, Ankama please fix the encyclopedia, so I don't get error messages trying to sort for havenbag decoration, thanks) of Wakfu and see, that those things do not exist as items for players to use as decoration. That's fine, not everything needs to be available for the player, but some items feel weird, that you can't use them. Like blue barrels or food displays. But to the actual suggestions besides more decoration.

Stackable items:
I think there might be a reason that is code related to wakfu, but we should be able to place some things on top of each other. The most obvious would be literally any object on top of a towel or carpet. Especially when you get a crate and realise you can't put anything on top of that. Anyone that ever tried to use a cash register knows how weird it is to have that thing just sit on the floor.

First off, now with the change to havenworlds being mostly just decorational places, I'd like more decoration be introduced to the building interface. You could pretty much make it a sandbox with the decorations used in the 4 nations and it would introduce enough content for people to become really creative. Maybe add an option to change the size of decorational items too. It doesn't have to be unlimited, but I'd like to make crates big enough, that they actually touch each other, when they are placed next to each other.Something I'd really like to see now would be freely placeable water with bridges or the likes. In general it feels like there is just too little to do with the havenworld itself.
Also fix that anyone in the guild can take/place decoration out of/into the havenworld, even though they do not have the permission to edit the havenworld. Really annoying bug.

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