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Further improvements to current systems

By Suspect-- - MEMBER - August 06, 2020, 18:30:51
The current ALS system treats every level range and every dungeon nearly exactly the same, not including UB's that have a higher chance to yield Epic/Relic sublims.
By treating every single ALS level range the same, you make a demand and focus for none of them, for most players who are not part of a tightnit group, they look at ALS as this monumental task and get discouraged, because theres no set range for them to focus on
Give different yieldable rewards for different level ranges at als,170 + 185 could grant a higher yield of shards, lower level dungeons around the lv50 area and lower could offer a new item that gives a fixed amount of EXP, something that would encourage newer players to go for and get them used to ALS much earlier, trying to make each level range more unique, so depending on where you are in the game, a certain level bracket will appeal to you more.

Mentor System:
Why not just make this system intergrated automatically, and reward the players in the same party as another player whenever their highest level character levels up
It doesnt need a cooldown, doesn't really need much else on top of that, maybe a cap? but that's not overly necessary.

Weapon slots become core:
Instead of having every weapon work the same way, why not have them upgradeable and grant special skill sets or stat changes, doesn't have to be overly complex, but you could make it so weapons become something that actually effects gameplay and have a similiar level of importance as your player characters stats
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how about making set bonuses a thing again

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I mean they already are under lvl 40, but it seems too restrictive for higher lvls

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Also mentor tokens that are shared between characters, i can't buy anything with them if i have them spread across 6 characters

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I could cover my Sram ranged deficits equiping a Bow, but why would I equip a bow if most of them have ranged based stats 

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the exact point of als in the first place was to give value to older content/lower lvl content  . so making the reward different will kill the point of having it in the first place  

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