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Candy-themed dungeon

By Granthese - MEMBER - August 05, 2020, 01:05:55

A fun idea that came into mind. We got a lot of dungeons with really creative and unique themes like a Fungus dungeon, Wine dungeon, Jelly... So why not something straight out of Candy Crush or Baroness von BonBon (Cuphead) where we fight enemies made out of things like bubble gum, lollypops, chocolate, etc?

Art by IanZeep, Newgrounds

The concept of a candyland is even older than people think, such as Disney's Silly Symphonies and Columbia pictures having those "candyland" cartoons with very creative use of candy and sugary threats for character design.
The Cookie Carnival, Disney
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Hallowe'en themed or Xmas themed? Like, beating the crap out of gingerbread men? Or more like those pumpkin buckets? Sounds more like a special event dungeon rather than one inside some given zone (Amakna's bakery?).

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More like the generic, every type of Candy, no need to limit it to a single season. Just like these cartoons by Disney and Columbia put all types of candy they could think (and make puns of).

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Too much "Cartoon network" at your childhood. Please.

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Reminds me of the hidden gingerbread house in Dofus. We adored that place, it was quite fascinating and tbh fun/new/something out of the ordinary and didn't exist anywhere else in the world. It drew us in as a guild to a point where it just became one of our secret hangout spots ^^
I do sometimes find myself wishing that Wakfu had such places too.
Dofus also has Vulkania which is only available to enter during the summer, given how Trool Fair works I honestly think if it was a summer thing, the players would still flock to it every time and wouldn't that make it easier to update or add things if needed? I'm no game developer so tbh idk. Had me thinking why not have an island dedicated to the events such as Halloween, Valentines day etc. since it would make it more immersive yet also give way more possibilities than what those events have been giving the past years. Just some thoughts i've had over the years to make events more fun rather than an afterthought. 

ps. a bit off topic but I miss having Kraloves (not that off topic if you think of summer/islands or even the lost ideas of Maya Island/Bay) in the normal world rather than just Mt. Zinit, why take away something so adorable and place it so out of the way.. it's one of the mob types that was actually fun to play against and had so much potential.

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Well the Kwismass dungeons area has a candy theme, but I do remember  bunch of people asking for a bread themed dungeon with bread golems like in that anime episode and I think that a food/candy/bakery dungeon would be cool

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