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Streamlining Professions

By Suspect-- - MEMBER - July 19, 2020, 21:18:56

This is just a couple of idea's that i feel would benefit the professions system

1) Rare Material grinding for Farmer, Herbalist, Lumberjack
Farming rare materials in this profession is mandatory, you know it, i know it, whether it be for gear or for other crafts, its needed, we want it.
So why is it that grinding for it is the least rewarding in the game.
No no i don't mean that the chance of a rare crop is too low, i think that is perfectly fine for these professions, what i do think is an issue, is how trying to grind for a rare crop gets us nothing of value while we do it.
Unlike Miner and Fisherman, you dont get the common resource that your grinding a rare for, you just end up stockpiling a large quantity of seeds that will serve no use other than crushing it or maybe selling it if someone is desperate or lazy enough to buy that.
It sucks, its boring and can potentially yield you nothing for a long time.
So here's the fix:
Fully grown crops will have 3 possible choices
Harvest: Fully Collect the resources at a greater % yield, This destroys the crop
Trim: Partially collect the resources at a lower % yield, This lowers the crops level of growth by 1 level
Seed: Collect the crops seed type at a normal % yield, This lowers the crop level of growth by 1 level
This way players can actually gather the resources will grinding for a rare, while still having the option to get seeds or fully remove the crop.

2) Trappers secondary harvest
The secondary harvest to trapper is the most underwhelming resource the gather, only ever being used in the "essence" crafts in the same profession, it's a very weak link to the rest of crafting and one that should have another use.
Heres an idea:
Make it part of equipment recipes: something not everyone may be happy with but this is the simplist way of adding more value to the items, simply making it a part of the monster families equipment recipe would do not harm, or alternatively, make it a replacement for monster drops in Green rarity crafts and upgrades only since craftinging gear is already 100% profession based due to the lack of needing to drop gear.
A new variation to chef buffs: This is a concept taken directly out of the Witcher series but one that could benefit Wakfu in a way, using monster materials including professions, you could be able to craft "oils and coatings" that would work like food buffs, granting either a slight damage buff or damage negation but only to the monsters of certain families
Badger Oil: Grants +10 damage inflicted to monsters of the Badger family (Badgeroxxor, Badgerage, Beardger, Badgewitch the furiox)
Badger Coating: Grants +50 resistance to damage from monsters of the Badger family (Badgeroxxor, Badgerage, Beardger, Badgewitch the furiox)
An option to go further? Well if you wanted, these could be stronger effects but only triggered by using a Sword or Shield when in combat, making them pseudo buffs with a cooldown, allowing weapons to have uses in fight aside from the occasional niche.

3)Miner and Fisherman problems
As everyone knows, these are some of the most competetive jobs to farm for, due to sparce resource points and fighting for rares.
There are a few ways to combat this, one has always been suggested that the devs should provide larger mines, but i don't think this would ever truly fix the issue, due to an increasing population simply making the efforts void.
Instanced mining locations is also an option but might make the area feel very void of life if a portion of the players are mining in an area no one else will see.

So, i propose some alternatives: 
Instanced Nodes: Similiar to that of Instanced Mining locations, this is instead not the area that is client side, but the harvesting spots themselves, fixed to that of the account, mining and fishing points will go on cooldown but only for the account, allowing an unlimited amount of players to harvest at the same time if they so wish to, it's not perfect and comes with a few issues, but it certainly solves the competition and resource sparseness aspect.
Full Rework: Simply put, the resources will be harvestable like the other professions, ores and fish will be "plantable" with either bait into spots of water or some sort of Ore Seed into cave walls and grown manually this way, these resource points will also get the same functions as above with "harvest" "trim" and "seed"

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my name is kate and definitely not hate and i approve this message probably

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Thank you not hatespawn

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This is interesting. I would like to add a crafting profession that needs tweaking. Leather Dealer, specifically the recipes for leather. As it stands, it is downright PAINFUL to make. I don't see why it can't use a collecting professions resource (trapper perhaps?) like all the other crafting professions instead of the mob drops it uses at the moment.

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I agree that cheff needs a rework but I don't think making the buffs super specific is the solution...

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