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Suggestion - Enable Duel inside Haven Bag, Player Generated PvP Arenas

By Reg3e - MEMBER - July 16, 2020, 14:04:46
"Pandawa's Divine Secret Forest Tavern " - By Chaebae, 2020

Not everyone has access to Haven World, let alone the permission to edit Haven World layout. However, everyone do have their very own Haven Bag where they're able to customize it however they want.

Just imagine, being able to Fight in Player Generated PvP Arenas. It can be someone's

- Japanese Themed Garden
- Wabbit Themed Dungeon
- ...
- ...
- Bedroom

With 1.67 Haven Bag Update, it simply make sense to not waste this opportunity, where amazing Haven Bag layout as constantly being made by creative players. Players can even start submitting their very own Custom Arenas in the forum. It'll be a nice little distraction from all those endless grind.

- Reg
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Rather than the main part of the haven bag, how about something along the lines of a "Kung-Fu Dojo" themed haven-bag "pocket-room" ??    pensive

One drawback though - half the entertainment in Wakfu is "spectating" (watching other player's duels),  having duels inside a haven-bag would tend to hide them wouldn't it?  ph34r

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Maybe if during a duel the Haven bag raised some tiny flag or something to let people know a duel is going on.

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why not?

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