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new inventory ideas

By JonTurk - MEMBER - July 13, 2020, 00:53:34

maybe it decrease player workloads,lag,server traffic, and memory usage for multi-hero;

for boosters,
- We need "pay for group" and "pay only for yourself" options when NPC and hunter quest resource dialogs.
- Quest book : if possible, show all heroes in account as In progress,completed and unavailable.
-Use account setting to remember user interface shortcutbar except shortcuts on shortcutbars.  

-You can tag-team pandora and chad in companion

-New Inventory :
     - it may increase memory performance for player account with booster( more than 3 heroes)
     - it may help to see and collect whole resources in one place
     - it may help to quick switch resources from hero to hero by using chest tab(s) and includes search engine.
While you are Rogue, you can use "switch with" option to exchange tabs with choosen hero and to stack your profession resources with un-chosen as example below and you can display and accsess resources in rogue's inventory by abysmal proffesion bag with 100 slot.
While you are sadida or elio as example, you can use "move to" option to tabs to stack your profession resources with chosen above and you can display and accsess resources in inventory by abysmal proffesion bag with 100 slot.
   -Ankama should decrease bag slot amounts from 5 to 2 in inventory. 1 primary and 1 secondary bag slot.
     -Secondary slot only should equip proffession bags.
     -Ankama should add 1 assigned primary tab with 100 slots and 1 assigned secondary tab with 50 slots in hbag chest for each heroes.
     -Player doesnt have to use secondary tab (not bag) for profession resources but players wont be able to access this tab by bag.
     -Each equiped bag only displays and allows to fast access for 1 havenbag chest tab by hero.
     -Mini bags displays 25 items,Normal bags 50 items and big size and abysmal profession bags 100 items.
     -Abysmal profession bags allow to access resources of 2 heroes who have got similar profession.
           example: if your 2 heroes are equiped for fishing abysmal bag, they can access their resources by profession tab.

if player choose primary bag ,inventory displays the assigned tab for sadida in chest tabs as default or if player choose secondary bag it displays (capacity of bag) amount of enchanment resources in chest tabs where sadida is assigned.
Dropped items will be directly sended to chest tabs where sadida assinged.

At this point, player doesnt need to stack mob resources from one inventory to other hero inventories. 
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Create special bags that drop stuff(specific?) in your chest instead of your inventory.

Would be very fun lol.

I do think the current system is horrible in the long run. When you have 3 characters and try to put stuff in sell and end up having 3 times the same ressources on different characters... then ITS FKING IRRITATING. I try to put all my stuff I want to sell on my main char and end up having not enough space... I have 3 29 bags. So instead of selling I destroy stuff cuz it gives powders or shards. Prehaps I would have made more money with them by selling but its so fking iritating that I'd rather just hammer most of my stuff... feels bad when you have a friend that comes to you for those ressources you just hammered..................... ffs

I do think you come with good ideas, but I don't think they would be enough to actually improve drasticly the player's ergonomy or quality of life.

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Don't over complicate things. The current Haven Bag Chest system is already working great.

The system you proposed will only benefit people who can constantly making place holder Alts on every server they can access before Merge, in order to capitalize on free inventory space, to avoid paying for it like everyone else.

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my suggestion is all about display and collect all items that you have got in an account and easy switch resources from hero to hero without using chest slots ot guild chest as cache. you can think bag switching from hero to hero by using chest as a conttol panel

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