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Good example for benchmarking: haven bag

By Warepig - MEMBER - July 11, 2020, 11:49:28
Problem1: Devs have wanted to impose more meaning on Haven bag. So i assume They have reworked it's art design, function. and even crafting consignment system.

Problem2: But beyond their expectation, People is only using the bags as a private farmyard. Temporary created crafting table. So you have to find people who have recipe, not bags can craft those. and once your craft is done, the bag disappears because turning on bag doesn't mean anything. 

Solution1: It can be simple. make people available name their bags. 

Solution2: make crafting consignment feature available while logging out.

Solution3: interlock haven bag sale section with market. or at least half the tax compared with market of kelba. with solution1, people will be able to find HB to buy something.

Benchmark example: My camp system of trickster(MMORPG from 17years ago)
My camp system is very similar with HB. You can cast them anywhere except some places, You can decorate your rooms...etc. but most importantly, the difference is you can make name tag to promote your bags. also if you want to join the camp, you just need to click the name tags above. 
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Or at least have some sort of emblem on bags whose owner is home and has crafting tables avalabile.

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