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Ranked Based Match Making PvP System Please :D

By Reg3e - MEMBER - June 22, 2020, 20:40:53

Yes, it's universally understood by everyone in the Wakfu Community, both PvMer and PvPer, that non-provoked, one-sided PvP stomp is not an enjoyable experience for anyone just wanting to play the game in peace.

That said, a Proper PvP system does have benefits of it's own. Down time filler between Major content Updates, a time off from the Endless PvM grind, promotes actual Player between Player Interaction, a chance to show off and test your newly acquired Equipment & Builds after all those grind, also boost Play Time, which indirectly makes the World Livelier, rather than everyone boxing with their little army inside Dungeons, making this supposedly "MMO" rpg all so barren. 

Rather than spending valuable development resource on flower picking, box harvesting mini-games. Invest in giving the PvP community a proper Ranked Based Match Making System. Where Ranking in Leaderboard actually make sense, based on Individuals PvP Performance, rather than Time spent grinding in said Flower & Box mini-games.

Split by Category similar to current Battlefield, Lv.80, Lv.110, Lv.140, Lv.170, Lv.200...etc. Where Players within that Category will be matched with someone with Similar PvP Score of the same Category. You know, like any functional PvP system, where Players are matched based on their PvP Performance. It's fair, straight to the point, where the interaction is mutual, as both party knows fully well what they have signed up to.

Eventually, the Devs could even incorporate Kamas & Item Staking, that would surely spice things up, with Actual Risk apart from Ranking and PvP Score. (Refer to Old School RuneScape Duel Arena)

Of course, non of these matter if Server Merge didn't come first, what the point of a match making system when there's no one to match with... 

I hope both PvM and PvP enthusiast alike would see why the need of such System is necessary , at least the same way I do. It's primarily to fill the Void in this Endless grind of a game, a short break, and put your newly acquired Equipment to the test, among other Adventurers. (Yes, actual Player Interaction in an MMO)

- Reg
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yeah please, bring me back from Dofus.

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I'm more of a fan of the open world pvp aspect but I like this too

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It can be open world too, in the sense that Ranked Duel can take place anywhere in the world with Randomly Generated Maps opposed to repetitive predictable Arena Maps. Only catch is both party needs to agree to the Duel, similar to the current Practice Duel.

1. It's much more immersive, in both MMO and Role Playing in a Fantasy World sense.

2. High profile PvPer can fight each other directly, skipping the Random Match Making all together. That said, Merit Farming can still be an issue, but as far as I can tell, pre-Battlefield anti Merit Farming seems to sort of work, could be better? not my domain to say.

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why FR server has PvP tournament but Rem doesn't

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We need Kolossium 

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End the pvp drout make government make sense and give us a reason to smash peoples faces off. Please and About time Thank you.

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