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By Bluhen - MEMBER - June 08, 2020, 03:36:18

Hi everyone!

Today, I'd like to bring a suggestion that, personally, I think would give more life to the game, speed up the process of selling and obtaining ressources along with giving the player some sort side activity to do.

I'd like to suggest the implementation of Merchants

What are Merchants?

Merchants are NPCs that own a Store that provide the players with different kinds of items according to their Job, from basic ressources such as flowers to components like Strings or Plates. Now this may sound like it would go against the "social" aspect of the game but here's their special quality: Their stock of items comes from the players meaning that the Players themselves are the providers for their Store. 

*To avoid using new animations and sprites, it would be good to use the current NPCs that are located at each Workshop in the main city of the Nation.

How does it work?

Merchants are distributed across the main city of each nation and each of them have a specific job related to them, therefore they are only interested in items associated to their trade, meaning that the Smithing Merchant (Weapon, Amorer and Miner jobs) will only buy Minerals, Plates, Handles and Steel, and the same goes for the others.

Once you find the right Merchant you can then start selling your ressources and items to them. After the transaction is finished, you get the kamas and the items then become available at the Store for other Players to buy.

What Items can be sold and bought at this Stores?

It would be healthy (or at least to start) if only basic ressources (flowers, crops, etc) and components (strings, plates, etc) where sold at the Stores. I think that Armors and Weapons are  something that should continue being centralized at the Marketplace for easy browsing, specially when you are looking for items to Enchant or with certain sockets.
What's the difference with the Marketplace?

Good question.

The main difference between Merchants and the Marketplace is that they will buy your items instantly, meaning that you get your kamas right where you are (using the player to player trading system). This, however, has it's drawback: as good Merchants as they are, they will buy your items for a Cheap price to then sell them higher. I'm thinking that maybe this calculation would be according to the average price of the item plus/minus the tax for a X days sale or something along those lines.

Here's an example using a Cocodrile Scale and applying a 7 Days Storage Tax:
(Average Price - 7days Storage Tax) = Merchant's Buying Price
(Average Price + 7days Storage Tax) = Merchant's Selling Price

Wouldn't this make the Marketplace less important and unbalance the economy?

I don't think it would.

The Marketplace would still be THE place where you can get mostly everything in the game. Merchants are more like a complement to it, the place where you know that you'll find an specific thing to create an item or to sell quickly something

Asuming that the prices at the Store are calculated based on the Average price of the item + Taxes, everything would still be managed by the player similar to how the Marketplace works. If an Item get too cheap then it wouldn't be profitable to sell it to the Merchant which would result in a lack of items at the Store, once the items starts getting more expensive you might want to sell it to a Merchant or compete with them by having lower prices at the Marketplace. The cycle of Offer/Demand continues and there would still be a fluctuation of prices keeping the whole thing dynamic.

What happens to the money collected by the Merchants?

As for the money of their sales there are several options that would work:
  • The Money could go straight to the Government
  • A part of the sales could go to the Government's treasury (taxes)
  • The money just dissapears.

As a side suggestion, I'm thinking that maybe the Government should first invest money in the Merchant in order for them to have the fund necessary to buy items from the players. There is a lot of unsued money at the Treasury of every Nation, this would set that money in motion.

Why add or use this new feature?

Having some sort of "automatic" trading system that heavily relies on the activity of the players would promote the sense of economy of the game and give a quick gratification for your work.

Here are some Benefits:
  • Have a reliable yet "slow" source of kamas that would benefit any kind of player, specially, new ones to start generating an income.
  • Give the players an additional activity (specially for the Government) as providers for the different Stores of the nation.
  • Npcs, Cities and their different districts would become more relevant and have a purpouse other than the aesthetic. Plus it would promote the exploration.
  • This would somewhat ease the "toxic" competition that the 1 Kama difference makes because now there would be more ways to sell your items.
  • More independence for Gatherers and Artisans

And that's it. I really think that having an automatic trading process managed by the own player would give a plus to the game and accelerate the adquisition of basic materials and add an interesting challenge/activity for both Citizens and the Government while staying true to the core concept of Wakfu where everything (or most of the things) are managed by the Players.

Thanks for reading and sorry for any grammar mistakes!
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While I'm personally against the idea of needing NPCs to help with the market, I do have a suggestion

The price they buy at should be according to how much they have in stock.
So they should each start with 10000 of every item (or whatever would be balanced based on the population) and would buy at 60% value and sell at 100% average value
Then if their stock decreases due to people buying a lot, they would go towards buying at 100% value and selling at 200% at 0 stock
And vice versa when at double stock they will buy for 10% value and sell for 50% value (and droping).
Also the price should change after each sale so you can get a discount for buying/selling in bulk (with a max of 100 at a time, for obvious reasons=.

This way you could have the prices rise and fall with supply and demand.

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While the idea is ok, I would rather have a buyers market where people could post requests for resources/gears they need.

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I actually really like this idea
As convinient as it is to have absoloutly everything available at Kelba Market, its not that good gameplay, especially if it kills the nations already existing markets

I would say that an idea like this could only come into play after the Political rework, to add some depth to this, but thats not a complaint, more foresight
Building onto this idea, it would be a good idea to have a single location where you put things on sale across the markets, just so the sellers dont have to run half way across the continent every time they sell something.

Buying and Reselling is a thing thats always existed, and sadly its a rough game in that regard, where your generousity gets ruined by greedy players. I don't think you can ever truly be rid of it, but this is probably a good idea.

All in all? Id prefer this over the current markets, id like to have real meaning to travelling the nation area, or even being in it, as at lv200 the amount of time you spend actually in this area is very small, only occasionally travelling here for the enchanting machine

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The idea is very good, but it needs a lot of refining first. Some points in case:

-For buying: Basing their price on the market average is a dangerous move. If an user hoardes an useless resource, and then inflates its price by buying a few units in the market to alter the price, that NPC would buy those hoarded units for a excessively high price.

Some fixing for this would be either using a minting standard (like iron is worth 40 Kamas, then each next mineral is +10 Kamas from previous one... and adjusting it to harvestable resources too), or a fixed base value for each kind of resource based on its level, category and such. Rarity (white, green, orange, yellow...) sucks for asigning them a value, so it wouldn't be reliable.

Having them using real amount of Kamas so they can't buy infinite units would be better, and limiting to 1.000 units, or 10.000 units, or 65.535 units for a given resource as max. Maybe injecting them an initial loan so they can start buying stock. Or maybe even trade items for items, no need for full Kamas in-between, just value for value and Kamas for the remainder.

"Greetinks friend. Iz good day for a deal! Come, I show you what I find, many good things for you..."

-For selling: this would work well as a kama sinker up to certain point. They buy for that base price and resell the stock for their [base price + profit rate + tax rate price]. This would both increase their Kamas reserves, and keep working as a partial kama-sinker.

-For holding all the data: each merchant would be like an independent market, so another whole object for keeping all the bought and sold stuff. Pre or post merge?
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Looks nice but I believe we don't need this in Wakfu. The average price can be altered, especially when it comes to unpopular materials. And if there's a limit of how many mats NPC is able to buy, people will just max it out right away. That's another source of outside kama, imo kama minting is already bad enough.
Don't even say that other people will buy it later for a higher price so it's actually kama sink system. It's not. Nobody will buy 10k of ash wood, and even if someone does, next day we will have it maxed out again. Nation funds are not real kamas so using them is not going to change much.

If anything, I believe merchants should offer really low price when buying materials and high price when selling them, so it's still more profitable to buy/sell from the market. Easy way should never be the best way. But then again, our prices are changing over time so it's hard to make a fixed value too. That's why, in the end, I believe we don't need merchants at all.

This kind of NPC would be very harmful to the environment. Right now it's rare to see people cutting all possible plants from the maps, mostly because there's nothing to do with them anyway. But given the possibility to sell all kind of useless resources, some players will see every tree and every pumpkin as a pocketmoney. 

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Agree with above, all around bad idea.

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