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What-if: New Enchantment Item

By ThatWyvernSage - MEMBER - May 30, 2020, 12:05:15

So this is my what-if for the enchantment system in the future:

We get a sort of enchantment item as a pretty uncommon drop ONLY from dungeon bosses, and has a 35-40% chance of having it dropped once per player in s11, higher likelihood, even getting multiple of them, in s21 or higher, kind of similar to transmutations and tokens, depending on your prospecting and luck.

This item can be sacrificed to your gear, if you don't have the same gear available. I don't know how else I can make it a little bit more challenging for players except for making it depending on one's prospecting or luck.
If it goes along with the new enchantment update, while sacrificing the same gear gives 7 charges, the enchantment item gives 4 (or less). Because if some players have the privilege of grinding a lot and having the same gear they can sacrifice, I feel like the item I'm suggesting can balance it for those who are not. I'm thinking that it can only be dropped in dungeons at the level we start to consider enchanting our gear, like 80+.

I was inspired by the special attack bonus rerolling in "Kingdom Hearts: Union X" and thought about if something similar to this would happen in Wakfu. Again, this is just my what-if.

-- [NOX] Shadewolffe

EDIT: My bad it's "special attack bonus rerolling" not trait rerolling gdi

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Isn't that kind what transmutation stones are already?
So you want them to add another one but for runes instead of elements?

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Hm, if such an item were to be added, it would only add one charge I think, with a limitation on the amount of the item that can be used on the same gear piece.
One of the goals of the enchantment system was to keep getting gear valuable even if you have your complete gear, with uncomplete runing. They wouldn't want to go back on that for sure, but with those limitations your idea might be useful.

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