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By Suspect-- - MEMBER - May 20, 2020, 13:22:59

Effectively, please just fix it
So much of the content on there is either wrong, unfinished, or outdated
What do i mean?

  • Pets page has missing details on a few of the pets
  • Sets in game have absoloutly zero use or value, either delete it, make it more meaningful, or for gods sake, update the damn thing
  • Classes pages are completely outdated or simply dont include information, you removed the damn stasis tree for fogger but didnt even add the water tree, not to mention all of the passives have zero details
  • The bestiary is a joke, with atleast a third of the monsters missing pictures, or simply they dont even exist anymore

This website is the front page of any new players, and currently if any go to the encyclopedia for information upon getting the game, they are greeted by a very messy and un-updated encyclopedia
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Agree with those points, but weirdly, seen like the panel and dropdown menu are having a new look when hover it?

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A lot of gear shows stats of different items. Most notably relics showing stats of other relics etc

some monsters drop tables have items listed that are no longer available. Chaos deckhand for example still lists the compass for the treasure achievement but when clicking the compass it leads to a 404 page because that item is no longer on the drop table.

I'm sure there's many more these are just a few examples ive run into recently

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I agree with everything you mentioned Suspect.

I would also like to add that as a decoration enthusiast, the fact that you can't manually select/search decoration tab really grinds my gears. There is no tab for havenbag decorations/furniture. And there are not many decoration/furniture items in the encyclopedia either, which is another point that frustrates me.

So along the things that Suspect + MiniMikeh have mentioned, I would also love to see a tab added dedicated to Havenbag decorations + furniture and update everything we have on that subject in game, also add details on each item where one can get their desired decoration/furniture.

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It was diddlydoo for a long time, many posts were made asking for any development in that direction but for years nothing get done. Without other fan mades sites and aplications dedicated for crafting, various effects and others I would literally go crazy.

As u mentioned it's sad how bad the state of encylopedia is when the suppose to be the first place where players new and old suppose to go to get valid confirmed information. Meanwhile they get the mess. And the issues u mention arent only ones.

For years nobody cared to keep it relevant. Editing values, craft materials, %, adding pictures, removing stuff that isnt dropable/obtainable in game or at least marking it as old items, or give explanations of what effects do what in case of unique abilities or foodbuffs.

The search system is utterly anoying, and lately get some filters removed.

Tho as Jsky mentioned they made new look of some tabs. That might be a hint something will happen in that direction. But it acctually need a proper development process and person that would handle it all from a to z. Otherwise it will be pile of garbage anyway.

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Something that can only be searched on Google: Cawwottote

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Also giving us more robust filtering capabilities for gears. Like for instance pulling up items that have flat resistance instead of 2 or 3 random resistance. There are so many variables to gears that being able to search with specific filtering would be a valuable resource. 

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Well, since they going to change the drop rate in coming update, so it is pointless to amend those wrong details right now, but hope it will be updated together when new patch 1.68 reach. 

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Most of my experience with the encyclopedia has been looking up item drops and not being able to see the monsters that drop the items, especially if its a boss or arch monster, is inconvenient to say the least.

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