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Remove Downvoting from the Forums

By Sheni#7215 - MEMBER - May 08, 2020, 10:45:20

Since I wasn't allowed to talk about this on any of the Discord Beta's, it's time to bring it up here:

Remove Downvoting from the Forums - It was a terrible idea, and it remains to be a terrible idea.

If you (read: Ankama) keep wondering why people are so excited to go entirely off-topic on the Beta Discord, often derailing entire topics, it's simply because Discord is a much healthier and way more positive enviroment to talk about personal opinions of any kind. 
One of the main issues that entirely demotivates me to post on these forums would be the downvote system, which is 99% of the time abused in such a way to pull someone down on a personal, spiteful level; This as oppossed to the topic at hand. You hardly see downvote systems in social media these days for similar reasons - People try and use negativity as a weapon of sorts.

Heck, I've seen people receive magical downvotes in their threads simply because they had a disagreement or unpopular opinion in 'another' thread of theirs. All it truly allows for is to troll someone's existance anonomously.

If someone disapproves of an idea, let them talk about it instead.

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I'm victim of down voting. Just express myself here. My opinion most of the time isn't popular. It's well known truth, that single's person opinion are worth same as 100 people. Those 100 is like one. That 100 doesn't have more rights or something. And they can't decide my destiny. It's nothing, but wrong understood democracy.

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I love how the downvotes on your post only prove your point.

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A simple upvote/downvote system doesn't contribute anything useful here. In every case, both here and in other places similar systems are used, it reduces down to "I like/don't like this person and their comment" rather than "This comment is/isn't constructive to the discussion at hand"

The most telling thing about this is that there is no option to downvote or upvote posts by Ankama employees. If it was truly valuable to see the number of people with a simple agreement of what was said, would it not be most valuable on posts like those of the developers when discussing their plans for the future?

Just remove it and be done with it, it's not an appropriate means of interaction in thread based discussions, and only leads to general negativity from people.

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kinda have to agree.

it contributes nothing and god help if you have unpopular opinions and express em..

no one will respond or challnage them but they sure as heck will downvote you.. Also the pic contest with sadi island

why on earth did people downvote wholesome entries like all of the entries had massive downvotes and few had upvotes avrg on what people had downvotes.. People are miss using it and it contributes nothing on any discussion.

its just a bad system

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someone's been logging onto all their alt accounts to downvote me after they mistakenly believed that i said something in a post and then changed my post afterwards to no longer say it. they've been dogging me with the downvote system ever since.

this system is worthless at best, since you can use alt accounts to boost or neg any post you please, and at worst it's a tool for people to bother and harass other users with no consequences in total anonymity.

flatops, if you have any desire for a healthy and safe community, you'd see this feature removed.

edit: really funny how the person who's downvote bombing my posts is doing so literally on the post where i call them out for doing it. just proves me right, really.

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interesting to see this brought up

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downvoting is good though, i dont think it should be removed. after all, i am almost proud of my negative score.

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I think that you should have to write a comment when putting a downvote on a post. It would be harder to implement, but at least you could see the reasoning of the downvoters.

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I think downvoting is fine, since it doesn't actually mean anything?
It's just a way to gauge the general oppinion (with an admitively really small sample size).

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