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The gathering system.

By fiendsheart - MEMBER - April 15, 2020, 22:12:05

I bought a resource gathering booster after much thought to finally get my professions leveled. And for the past one hour, I have been competing with 3 other players within a mine to gather ore. I have probably gathered around 150 ores within a time span of 45-60 mins. I don't know ankama, was this deliberately planned? To get players frustrated over competing for ores within a tiny mine filled with so many monsters that it almost makes the game crash, literally. 
For the amount of players in the game at a time and the number of resources present for them to farm, it is totally ridiculous. The way you have handled this system is making the players 'unhappy' for playing. It's just tedious and vexing. There is 0 excitement or 0 result for going through such labour. 
I am sorry about the rant, but I couldn't help but just get the frustration out for better understanding.

So here's my suggestion: The miner and the fisherman professions needs a rework. Either the resource locations or maps have to be increased OR the resources have to be made 'player-specific' interactions only. As in, EVERY mining and fishing resource has ONE instance PER player.

Please do address this as soon as possible, especially since the haven world profession farming is dead. And the newer players are having a bad experience with the current system.

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I wholeheartedly agree. One way to solve this problem would be to make ores and fish plantable like other resources, with a 5 minute grace period. I know, ridiculous, but come on. We can already plant monsters, that's almost like creating life. Not exactly from nothing, but still.

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I think they should add a fishing and farming option for heaven bags

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It surely needs a good fixing, specially if servers merge someday and the demand for mining gets increased beyond its capacity. Some procedural mine instance when you go to deeper levels underground for mining might be a way, but not sure how to implement that for each mineral without making it a broken feature.

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It was already that way in the old nations, wasn't it? Mines would go on deeper and deeper having higher level minerals the deeper you went, as well as higher level Drhellers, the only obstacle being the rocks on your way, that could be broken using bombs. Hell, it even was the way to get to the old Elite riktus dungeon, it was a very interesting feature

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I think mines and fish should spawn randomly instead of in fixed places,
for fish it makes sense and could make them spawn faster if a lot of them were fished (maybe whenever you fish one another one spawns somwhere?)
and for ores they could just be cracks/veins that spawn on the ground (maybe on the non-grass cells?)

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I know the intended purpose of making the nations smaller and stuff was to bring players together so they interact more often, but this is definetly not the way, i don't think having around 5 people constantly farming one mineral (Zaphire) and insulting each other for stealing their resources was the intended interactions they wanted.

Hopefully they fix this before servers merge because if this is a big problem now, imagine with like, twice as many players, and thank god French players are getting their own server because adding them to the formula would just end up in chaos for resources, i think i read ankama replying to one of these kind of topics saying that the actual resources are just enough for a 100% populated server, and i really don't know how that's the case.

I see 2 "easy" solutions for this, either adding more areas on the world specifically oriented to have more resources avaliable to everyone, let it be new islands, extensions to the already existing island like the Wild praires were once attached to the nations, or like i suggested on the spanish forum, expanding Maritime routes, having better ways to travel them (Aquatic mounts), actual enemies on them and dungeons to have people visit them often, maybe even submerged new zones, but most importantly, making the little islets that currently have Strawberries, gems and Hammer/Boowerewolf fish even bigger and have different types of resources that already exist somewhere else and need more areas containing them.

Or well, just add 2 new Haven-gems, Cave gem and Pond gem, one just adds a stone floor where you can put the usual furniture, but also exclusively new Handyman crafts, Portable mineral sources, maybe crafted with a set quantity of the Rare variant of some mineral and Rubble, which you can currently get from breaking rocks with bombs on the Elite riktus dungeon, and are used for nothing at all.
And the other gem being just a 5x5 pond of water, where you could maybe even swim? but most importantly, place Fishing banks, also crafted by a Handyman, using a set quantity of a Rare fish, Chefish and water bukets and/or some other water-related resource (Make them hard to make to compensate the fact that it's a personal endless source of minerals and fish).

This way people who need to gather thousands of resources would just use their Haven-bags, and people who need to level up a gathering job would be outside on the intended areas, not being discouraged to keep on going because everyone else is already farming.

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