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By Dragon32 - MEMBER - April 01, 2020, 12:18:59

I'd like to suggest that if we use a transmutation stone, we can change the elements ourselves and not just getting random elements on our stuff, it's like if you're lucky you get what you want. Tbh it's really annoying, especially for lvl 200 players to get the stones for their level and then not even get the elements they want. I think it would be better for us all if we could decide which element we wanna use and not leave it to random luck.

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You can decide the elements if you craft the item

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You mean the transmutation stone? I did craft it and still couldn't decide myself which elements I want to have it was random. Would be nice if ''crafted'' or not doesn't matter and we could decide which elements we want to have when we use a transmutation stone. 

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