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Default UI layout

By cody5 - MEMBER - March 31, 2020, 14:26:56
I suggest that this is how the UI should be layed out when you start the game:
-3 spellbars, as that's how many you use in a fight
-quest log on the right, resting on the spellbars, but not so right it overlays the tieline in the fight (on the left it overlays the group UI)
-minimap in between the clan member and the shop/gift menu
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That quest log on the right side looks really odd .
The icons, text, direction arrows are all aligned in such a way as it follow the non conventional pattern on right to left text alignment.

^ Defauly one is pretty much quite nice. and most players are used to it by now with the Left to right text layout.

- The mini map is well, not a fan of it personally. But can use the Shift+M to hide if from fight even after laying it down right under the clan member.
In the end it all comes to personal preferences for the most part, as it seems that there is no good default layout method.

A configuration setting change which will make sure all character of the user to have the same layout option when they start the game as they set it up!!
Now that's something we can all agree upon.

P.S : A dark theme option for wakfu interfaces too please.. sad
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I guess the minimap isn't much of a problem but it's usually stuck under the clan member UI and covers part of the timeline in a fight which is annoying, I just put it in a logical place, you can always move it later

I'm not sure what you find weird about my quest log? It's just aligned right instead of left? And as I said it's current default position covers your group menu.

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