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By ChrisBlack1993 - MEMBER - March 25, 2020, 15:35:07

Greetings, I am Fury Fire-Blood from Remington. I have encountered two small issues the game that are not connected to each other and I would like to express my thoughts.

1. Fish in Astrub appear to have a similar chance to respawn as a rare to the other types of resources, whereas outside of Astrub you get, like, 40 or 50 rares per 1000 regular fish, maybe even moar. I realized that when I tried to build 2 Bow Meow Statues to put them at the entrance to my Haven Bag to show how cool I am. One statue requires 20 Cuddly Bow Meow Fish. Now, 40 rare fish would not be much of a problem outside of Astrub, but IN Astrub, well... I guess I will not be building those statues any time soon. Should the chance not be the same for all fish, regardless of the location? Fish are fish, after all.

2. The Sacrier's Burning Blood ability should have the secondary effect changed. Currently it burns 25% of the Sacrier's armor to inflict that much damage, which is USELESS. You DON'T want to burn away your armor! That is not it's purpose! As a Sac, being low on health is good, but being dead is not. And that is what you have armor for. It basically allows you to enjoy the benefits of being low on health while being not exactly low on health. Not to mention that for the damage to be meaningful, you would have to first use Smasher twice to generate armor and then use Burning Blood... and only then it would hit for about double the usual damage, while also reducing your survivability. Seeing as BB deals the same damage as Insanity, which deals slightly less damage than Smasher (because area vs single target), in terms of damage output, you would essentially gain another BB worth of damage compared to simply using BB three times. It's not free however, because you've just lost a pretty sizable chunk of your armor. Is your damage output that low? Are you that desperate for moar? Hardly worth it.

Now, about the possible solution. Since the Fire deck is all about DAMAGE, I was thinking that instead of this armor burn nonsense, BB should perhaps apply a stacking buff that increases the damage of the next BB used during the same turn and is reset on the next turn to avoid reaching some crazy numbers. Simple. Effective. Too good to be implemented.

Edit: What's with the dislikes? Are you blind to the truth or are you all Iops?

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Not much of a fisherman, so cant really comment on the first thing

On the second one however
Burning Blood <_<

I agree that the secondary effect should be changed, but not quite the way you're thinking of.
The idea is to lose armor at the cost of a quite powerful Melee AoE
a give and take, which is similiar to a lot of sacriers mechanics (Lose X and gain Y)

That being said, i don't think the effect itself needs a core change, but it does need buffing/altering
Currently the 25% of your armor is flat damage, which is, really bad
Flat damage takes a Base number (25% of 1000 armor = 250)
And then hits the target with it
This hit, is reduced by every defensive state, including resist
which makes the actual output...very very small
And certainly not worth the armor loss


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Indeed, I forgot to mention that. Maybe if the damage from armor burn was affected by mastery, then it could be worth it. Still, armor is armor and it should not be burned away. That's what health is for.

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Burning blood need a change to be interesting, while it does function like a 4 way blood rush its outclassed by the other 4ap spells sacrier got. 

Spiritual tempest and insanity got great synergies with motion sickness, at lvl 200 thats 21/42 extra base. I would love to see burning blood getting higher base damage and maybe some other effects like blinding or increase the aoe to cover all melee tiles.

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The only use case that I've found for the Burning Blood spell in its current form is when you're dueling Fecas (1v1). Since most of the damage you take will be from glyphs, your armor will be mostly intact. So you can max out your armor, and then use Burning Blood as Punishment followup. But this is so situational that the spell is generally not worthy of deck space.

Soupji|2020-03-25 17:03:50
I would love to see burning blood getting higher base damage and maybe some other effects like blinding or increase the aoe to cover all melee tiles.

Or at least bring back the flaming state Burning Blood used to apply.
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