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Is There ever a chance for the Goverment System to be Fixed?

By Jyllien - MEMBER - March 06, 2020, 15:58:39

The Voting for Goverment seems to have an issue since a long time.
Probably since the introduction of the Hero system.
Thanks to the Hero system the setting that was for "one vote per account" is not working right.
I don't know if it is a bug or just an issue how stuff get configurated, but thanks to that,
some people recently tended to abuse this feature that is setting the one vote per account.
It is clearly that a person is using more than just one vote per account to get himself on the goverment seat.
That Person made some annoying changes but this thread is not about that.
I wish to know if this will ever be considered a BUG so we can file a complain about certain people abusing it or is it ever intended to be FIXED?
Otherwhise the sentence: " ONE VOTE PER ACCOUNT" isn't actually right.
I hope sincerly for an answer to this.

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well they did anounce a politics rework in a gamakna a year or so ago, so i assume it's still planned

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It surely is in the To-Do list, so we would have to wait some time. Now, tossing some random/scattered suggestions about a possible revamp for politics:

- Allow one vote per IP address + account + character nation (If 3 chars are Amakna, 3 Brakmar, 3 Bonta, 3 Sufokia, only 4 total votes would be casted from that player, one from each nationality, no matter how many accounts nor chars they have. Once a nation vote has been used, it can't be used again from that IP / account).

- Allow anyone to vote, following the previous restrictions. (IP address + account + nationalities.)

- Add a new "governor_reputation" value to the candidates that persists between elections. As it would be based on playerbase voting, it would self-regulate and show the perception of that candidate based on their performing in office term, and from the amount of unconditional supporters. tongue (Forum voting meets politics. Again, IP + address limit, only for that nation.)

- Add a new "Nation Bonuses" and "Territory Bonuses" ehmm... bonuses, to be applied to players under that nationality and/or regions owned by that nation. The would work similarily to the temporary guild bonuses. Those wouldn't be applied to Battlefields, for obvious reasons. (More info on next point.)

- Add more Kama-sinker projects for the government to spent collected taxes for starting those projects. Both using a duration and level of effect for defining its Kama cost. Some examples of possible projects/Kama-sinkers (considering level and duration):

-- Nationality-based: (Applied to all characters which belong to that nation.)
--- A "Public Schools Support" tongue project for increasing the earnt EXP from harvesting professions (any or by profession). (1 level = +5%, 10 levels = +50% very expensive. Lasting for 1 day for cheap, to 10 days for very expensive.)
--- A "Labor Training Courses" project for increasing the gathered amount of resources per harvest. (+5% to +50% same case.)
--- A "[nation_name] Care" project for restoring lost HP after non-Battlefield fights for free. (+10% to +100%?)
--- An "Exportation Duties" for being added to goods in markets. (More info in next next point.)

-- Territory-based: (Applied to all regions controlled by that nation.)
--- A "Mineral Prospecting" / "Sustainable Fishing" for decreasing the spawn rate of mineral/fish nodes. (Up to -50% respawn delay?)
--- A "Crops Rotation" for increasing the planting chance of any seeds and cuttings. (Very much like the Lab bonus on old Haven Worlds. Sorry, but the climate altering project kinda sucks. tongue)
--- A "Lucky Harvester" for increasing the chance of shiny resources (Default was 1%? Maybe up to +5% or +10%?)

And now, the part we all hate the most. Taxes:
Not sure if something involving duties on products for importing/exporting from another nations too. But that would involve having 5 separated market nationality origins, even if they used the same market board. Just considering if it's being sold by Bontanians, Brakmarians, Neutrals, etc... (Example: duties of 10% on Brakmar exportations to Bonta, and Bonta having duties of 5% on importations from Brakmar. Bonta buyers would have to pay an added +15% cost over that item price for items placed for sale by Brakmarians anywhere, market boards or haven bags. Sales between characters of the same nation wouldn't have any duties applied (it's a local sale). Problem with Neutrals, unless they have fixed tax and duty values due to no governors being possible (as of now like in Astrub area, default 10%?).)

In short, having a chart for adding duties for exporting/importing to/from other nations. The nationality of the buyer/seller character would define where is it being bought/sold from. (0% up to 70% duties max?) Just keep it very detailed in the buying and selling screen, so players don't get nasty surprises with prices. This would give a lot of life to the market and nation migrations, and would make it more important to consider who should be ruling a nation, or what nation to belong, rather than just the usual tax rate from 5% to 70% trolling. This kind of choices would have a real impact on nation economies.

Anyway, I'm out of neurons and ideas now, think some other stuff like this. Good luck with the revamps.

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I think the Government System is one of those features that sound nice on paper or in a closed testing environment, but just fall appart once they are accesible to a broader audience. Many people don't really care about it (or don't even really know what it is at all...), and from those wo do, there are enough to just make it a bad thing for anyone.

I think the only way to "fix" this, without completly removing it, would be most likely to make it so much less impactful that it basically becomes uninteresting in the first place.

Pretty much the same as they do with the Heaven Worlds next Update.

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The government system probably should not be based on votes, but on the things that each player does for 2 weeks.
So, wanna be ecologist? fix ecology
wanna be army general? well, you should go to PvP and kill players (no boxes/plants)

At least, it will be much more honest than winning the elections because of friends (or fake accounts) and giving them titles, and they will not do anything at their post.

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The Voting for Goverment seems to have an issue since a long time.
Probably since the introduction of the Hero system.

Alt-voting existed even before hero system, I can give you Rockne from Phaeris as an example from many years ago.
It would be best to have 1 vote per IP adress.

Current political system can hardly bring anything positive to nations, but it's a great tool for trolls. We can't help people in almost any way, but we can forbid cutting herbs or killing monsters even when clan member's wishes are satisfied, we can raise taxes up to the sky or make it impossible for players to trade with their friends.
If there's an officer who cares enough to actually hunt outlaws, they can just break free from jail right away and continue destroying the ecosystem, laughing at your face. At least make a restriction, like 1 jailbreak per day possible, cause right now this system is favoring criminals and it's very frustrating. The best way is to not care about your nation cause any effort put into it is not getting awarded anyway.
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