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Suggestion: Global Chat Channel

By Tiefoone#2485 - MEMBER - March 03, 2020, 22:41:59
Airing this again since we seem to be getting QoL features and this would be a big one. A big problem with the game at the moment is the difficulty in finding others, I have ALS sets and would be willing to do the odd run with newer players wanting to run dungeons, but I can't find them and don't know where they are. A global chat channel, or even three with a general, recruitment, and trade global chat channel would solve all problems when it comes to finding people to play/trade with.
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Please, this would help a ton of people.
I would add that there's a need for a timer so it doesn't get flooded.

Another cool idea would be to have some kind of level bracket chats, or nation and so on. We know global chat is achievable because of nation's government.

Anyhow, one or more global chats would help the game a lot. Thumbs up
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A global chat would make things better indeed . Let's be honest , no one really uses the "Team search" system. xD
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Yup really good idea. It would be a new perfect feature in 1.67. No one really use Team search + this system will be faster and easier for everyone.
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