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Guild-exclusive raids? [Suggestion for post-1.67 & HW update]

By ZWtcp - MEMBER - February 28, 2020, 03:56:13

I'm sure everyone's aware of the proposed HW changes to 1.67. Being a member of a guild without a HW and also an over-sentimental idiot that would feel too guilty to leave said guild for another, I myself am quite looking forward to this update. However, from what I've seen, the removal of penning will leave much to be desired and many people feel like having a HW has lost its uniqueness.

I've also noticed on the equipment screen that there is a suspiciously blank spot in the bottom right corner (next to mount and below pets) that looks like something else can fit in there.

Therefore, to hopefully restore the uniqueness of haven worlds, I would like to propose a guild raid system, and a new type of equipment - guild insignias.

Why a new equipment slot and not say, a "guild set" like how there's "pvp sets"?
I didn't want to make any existing PvE gear obsolete.

Starting a Guild Raid
Guild raids would be initiated via a special building purchasable as a HW upgrade, and would cost guild points to start. Only the people who are allowed to manage HWs may start a raid and only guild members may participate. Let's say you can attempt (an attempt is used when you attack the mobs in the first room) the guild raid three times before you need to re-pay to unlock it again, to make it on par with UB mechanics of 3 per week.

Raid Mechanics
The raid itself would be in the form of a dungeon (could be a normal 3, 4 or even 5-room dungeon with a boss, or have one room with a guild UB, or even make each bracket have its own distinct layout) with the usual stasis 1 to stasis 50 and ALS difficulty modifier.

The level of the dungeon can also be adjusted (1-20, 21-35, 36-50, 51-65, 66-80, 81-95, 96-110, 111-125, 126-140, 141-155, 156-170, 171-185, 186-200, the usual game level brackets) and the main boss drop would be the guild insiginia.

To add an extra layer of challenge, there could be different mobs and bosses for each level bracket unique to the guild raid with their own special mechanics.

How would the Insignias work?
Equipping the insignia would give you a buff in-battle (let's say elemental mastery and elemental resistance for now because I have no idea how to balance this). This buff would be more effective the more guildmates you have in your fight. The buff would also be more effective the higher level insignia you equip. As stated above, the equipment slot will be located in the corner between the pet and mount slots.

For example, if you equip a level 20 guild insignia, then at the start of every fight it will give you a buff (let's call it Guild Insignia 20). The level of this buff (i.e. its stacks) depend on how many guild members you have in your party, from 1 (just yourself) to 6 (whole party of guildies). Let's say that the level 20 insignia gives +2 ele mastery and +1 ele resist per buff stack. If you have a full party of guild members, the insignia will give you 6 stacks (totalling +12 ele mastery and +6 ele resist). Again I have no idea how to balance this idea perfectly, but my current suggestion is to have the base buff to increase by +2 ele mast and +1 ele res at each level bracket (so the lv35 insignia would give +4 ele mast and +2 res per stack for a maximum of +24 mast and +12 res at 6 stacks, all the way up to level 200 which would give +26 mast and +13 res per stack, up to a maximum of +156 ele mast and +78 res for a whole party of guild members).

What if not everyone has an insignia, or not everyone has the same insignia?
Only guild members who equip the insignias will get the buff, but the level of the buff (its stacks) would be affected by every guild member present in the party regardless of whether or not everyone has the insignia equipped. For example, if you're in a party of 6 guildies and only 3 are using insignias, the 3 who have insignias will receive a level 6 (6-stack) buff for that insignia.

If you're in a party with 6 people but only 4 are in your guild and the other two are in a different guild but are guildmates with each other (and let's say everyone has an insignia), then the 4 in your guild will receive a 4-stack buff and the other two will receive a 2-stack buff.

If there are 4 guildmates in the party, one of them is using a level 200 insignia and the others are using level 170 insignias, then everyone will receive a 4-stack buff from their insignia. The person using the level 200 insignia will receive 4 stacks of level 200 insignia buff while the other three people using level 170 insignias will each receive 4 stacks of the level 170 insignia buff.


I'd like to stress that the actual numerical stats these insignias give aren't my main point because, again, I'm just using this to illustrate the concept of this suggestion, with the aim to give HW a bit more meaning and encourage more guild play. But anyway, I'd be interested to hear what everyone thinks about this idea.

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