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Please give a free class changing scroll to foggernaut players

By shyvanillacra - MEMBER - February 21, 2020, 11:06:19

Please give free class changing scroll to foggernaut players.

Not every foggernaut are interested in the new concept of the steamer.
It is needed to give them a free class chaning scroll.

Free class changing scroll should be offered for foggernaut characters made before specific date, and it also should be erased after certain point.

I think it is rational to give them a free class chaning scroll.
It can be the compensation for players who don't feel good with new foggernaut, and prevent them rage quitting.
It is good for all.

Actually, there's more revamping comming.
No one may want to lose their friends in wakfu, right?
What about give them a little hope with offering them a free class changing scroll?

It also should be good for long term marketing.

- I don't have foggernaut.

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A snail walked into my room while i was checking this post . And it died from the excessive salt 

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Please note that there are less players remaining with sense of right by the law of evolution. Because of increasing toxicity in world of twelve, a few species that can endure and subsist in this kind of atmosphere have survived. Or some species overcame this by removing brain

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This is a very good idea, but it will never happen.

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why do you even waste energy getting angry for other people?
will you remake this post for every class?

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As "Siu" would say: "You don't need it"

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I'll just wait and see how this changes play with mine. If it's too radical. I can drop her. She's my second string Hero anyway. Life goes on.

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Hope it will be not as disappoiting as the Bomb Rogue. Missing you so much Old Rogue!

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Wait, what?

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